Music Intervals Owned: Recognize intervals like a Beast!

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Increase your interval recognition speed and accuracy
Be able to tell the difference between intervals that sound similar
Generally "Own" interval recognition
О курсе

Recognizing music intervals can be tricky right? NOT ANYMORE!

Music Intervals Owned is the ultimate solution and guide to recognizing all 11 intervals from the Minor 2nd through to the Perfect Octave.

FREE, Only 25 minutes long, and delivered by the established and engaging music educator Danny Blaker, Music Intervals Owned is an invaluable resource for all music students and musicians alike, and the only one of its kind.

NOTE: Mystery Word Challenge

Throughout this course 3 mystery word messages will appear during the videos. These words allude to musical terminology that relate to the content discussed. If you can guess them correctly, you will receive a free copy of my album - Twilight.

For more details, see the description of the first lecture!

Be able to recognize all 12 intervals
Minor 2nd : "The Troll"

Welcome to the first lecture of Music Intervals Owned!

In these descriptions you will find some key points, along with some extra insights that aren't in the videos. You will still need to download the FREE course notes in order to get the list of techniques used in the course.

The lecture descriptions will also be used to compile feedback, comments, and suggestions you have that relate to specific intervals.


To celebrate my recent launch of D-tones (link in resources section of this lecture), I'd like to offer 1 FREE set to each of my Music Intervals Owned students. To claim, email with the following.

  1. Udemy username
  2. The D-tone set you want (visit link to listen)

Woo Hoo!


If you decipher the 3 mystery words throughout this course (as mentioned in the course summary) Please submit your answers via email to to recieve your free digital copy of Twilight.

Minor 2nd

  • Good for Trolling
  • Only 1 semi-tone apart
  • Sounds like a mosquito
  • Compared to the tri-tone:
    • Tritone: sounds angry & jarring
    • Min 2nd: just sounds annoying.

Major 2nd : "The Zombie"
  • Sounds very hypnotizing and zombie-like
    • If zombies had keyboards, they'd play minor 2nds
    • they're also like the Hypnotoad from Futurama
  • Major 2nds clash in a more pleasant and but eerie way - less offensive than minor 2nd
  • They give a feeling of something Frozen in time - imagine a busy city square full of people walking around, then all of a sudden time just freezes, and everything is at a stand still - like in The Matrix.
  • Paralyzing - makes you stop in your tracks
  • Think of the Maj 2nd as a Still portrait - a Spooky one.
  • Access to a piano / keyboard / online keyboard / cat painted to resemble a keyboard is recommended, but not required
Danny Blaker
Danny Blaker
Software Developer by Day. Pianist by Night.
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