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Want a course that will give you the basic history and principles of composing basic musical structures and more? This course will take you behind the scenes and show you the history of how music notation came about and how it developed into the standard music notation we use today. We also go into melody (intervals), two different types of harmony, rhythm and all the basic elements that a musical composition is made of. Get this course if you are new to music composition or as a help for your music composition or theory lessons. This course features music theory concepts that are laid out in layman's terms.

Even if you're just interested in learning about music notation, or writing music in general, this is a great primer course for those who want to get their feet wet in the area of music. As always, if you ever need help, I'm right there to help you with those questions and concerns. Also, any suggestions for improving the course are welcome!

The Language of Music: An Introduction
This lecture is a brief introduction to the history of the language of music and how it was first conceived and how it began to evolve from aural to written tradition.
The Main Aspects of Sound [NEW SECTION]
In this short section, students will learn the main aspects of sound.
The Four Main Properties of Sound
In this lecture, I give to you to properties of sound. There are four main properties. Pitch, intensity, timbre and duration.
What is Timbre?
In this lecture, we will talk about the final aspect of sound which is Timbre or its color.
Basics of Music Notation
In this section, you will learn the basics of music notation, including the different note values.
What are Notes?
I break it down and show you how to know what notes are.
  • Have the eagnerness to learn composition of music.
  • Having some introductory theory knowledge and are looking for more.
  • Be ready to learn how to write simple musical compositions in real time with the instructor.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Download MuseScore a free notation software to use to do your composition projects.
  • Finale Notepad and Notion are other alternative platforms to use as well as the free program ScoreCloud. Information for these are in the resources sections in section one of the course.
  • Pencil and music staff paper highly recommended for sketching.
Cody Weinmann
Cody Weinmann
Composer, Music Transcriber, Orchestrator, and Pianist

I am a
singer-songwriter, composer, arranger and orchestrator residing in Southern California. I compose everything from concert band, orchestra, chamber, choral,
and sacred music to folk, singer-songwriter, and rock songs.  My two recent singles "Get Away
Devil" and "It Ain't Paradise" have subtle hints of The Eagles
and Coldplay and a few other artists. I try to be relevant once in a while.

I have composed for various short films and video game pilots and even a Godly film or two.

I graduated from California State University, San Bernardino with two degrees, the main B.A. in Music Composition, the second one was music technology, so with this, there will be a lot of courses on composing and composition techniques as well as some courses dealing with music technologylike MainStage, Garageband, Logic Pro, or Pro Tools.

I also play piano and sing. I have over 20 years' experience playing piano and have had five years of vocal coaching. This lead me to teach at an art school over in Pomona, California and later on in 2014, I began teaching at a local music store in Walnut, California. I have been teaching piano and voice  there for over three years.

Recently in 2015, I started a music transcription service website down below for all who need sheet music written, arranged, or transcribed for their projects. Contact me if you need any of this!

I hope to help all of you who come to this page with your musical needs!

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