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In this short course we will learn from some of the most famous songs in American popular music. We'll listen to examples of great songwriting, I'll convey what I find attractive about these songs, and we'll explore one specific songwriting detail per piece. The main goal is to help listeners grow their appreciation for music. An added benefit for songwriters is that you will walk away with tools that you can apply immediately to our own songs.

This video introduces me, the course, and who I imagine you to be.
Focus on: Meter
This lecture reviews the basics of meter and shows how even the smallest change in meter can have a large impact on the song's quality.
Focus on: Key and Key Changes
This lecture reviews the basics of key and key changes. We'll review a song that has a key change unlike most changes in popular music.
Focus on: Lyrics and Rhyme
This lecture reviews the basics of rhyme schemes and uses two prominent artists to show how our expectation of end rhyme can be thwarted with just a small change to the lyrics.
Focus on: Chord Progression
This lecture reviews the basics of chord progressions and shows how a single, non-repeated chord can shine among the pervasive repetition of popular music.
Focus on: Melody
This lecture reviews the basics of melody and introduces a melodic ornamentation (called appoggiatura) that propels music forward.
  • Ability to read music notation is NOT required
Что Вы изучите?
  • Music analysis, to help everyone enjoy listening more and to help songwriters write more interesting music
Michael Ethen, PhD
Michael Ethen, PhD
Music instructor

Michael Ethen, PhD, has taught music at universities in the U.S. and Canada. His focus is on American popular music but has taught the range of Western music history from Gregorian chant to the present. A multi-instrumentalist, Mike currently performs with the improvisation groups Improvestra and EarWorm, he sang Tenor for years in the Orpheus Singers, once played trombone with Grammy winner Maria Schneider and sang Beethoven with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. As a scholar, Mike has written extensively on Björk and Arena Rock music, presented at many conferences including the American Musicological Society, and his writing has appeared in the Journal of Popular Music Studies.

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Music Analysis 101