Курс Modulating Drums and Synths with Ableton Live

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Learn to build a track from scratch. Automate Drum and Synth plugins, to create variation and enhance your track. Learn how to tweak VCO's and a VCF on an old analog synth. Learn how to modulate effects and other plugins, on a per clip basis, so that you attain more variety in your composition.

I go step by step, and cover everything you need to know. I recorded this course non-stop for 1 hour and 45minutes, and you get all of it. Every parameter I tweaked, all that went through my head, plus lots of pro tips along the way, for you to use and apply.

I have over 20 years experience recording, fixing, repairing, and arranging electronic music. Working with synths since 1992, I have been fully entrenched into the synth movement. Now I am taking my experience, and creating these awesome videos, where I share my total knowledge, and help you to do, what too me years to learn and understand. I skip you right to what will work, and give you the basis to launch off on your own.

I love to share, and this course I want to share with you. I have take then time to break down all of the lessons, into concise and easy segments, that are easy to digest, and easy to consume. I show you what my mouse is doing, and where my hands are. I show you step by step all the moves. I even add in pop-ups to help you understand a concept better, or add additional industry experience to what you are learning.

I have other courses for beginning, and learning to record with Ableton or Logic, and how to set all of that up, and how to arrange tracks, and take your compositions to the next level.

In this course I wanted to focus on exactly how to take you right from start to finish. From a blank canvas to a fully working track. Many songs today, are but a few simple pieces placed together, but how do you get those pieces? How do you get to that sound. How do you become a musical artist.

That is one of my primary goals, is to ignite the fire inside of you, to allow you to fall in love with writing music, and making music. I teach you how to become an artist again, or improve your artistic skills. When you take this course, you will walk away a better artist, and you will grow an awareness, or the things that I teach you about, so no matter which style you go to write in or play, you will walk away with more skills and knowledge than you had before.


Learn about the overview of the course.

Selecting a Pattern

Select a pattern from the drum machine.

Triggering the Plugin from the Clip.
Trigger the plugin, the drum machine, from within an Ableton Clip.
Basic Drum Programming

Learn some basic drum programming.

Intro to Subtractive Programming
Learn how to use Subtractive programming.
Copying Drum Patterns/Clips.

Copy clips, and make modifications to the drum patterns/clips within Ableton.

Making Additional Drum Patterns
You will learn how to add variation to your drum patterns.
Adding Effects to the Drums
You will learn how to add effects to the drum track.
Setting the Compressor and Limiter
You will learn how to adjust the compressor and limiter.
  • This course uses Ableton Live, a Drum Plugin and a Synth plugin. You do not need to own a drum plugin or synth plugin, to take this course. There are concepts in this course that can be applied to any style of music, or any set of plugins.
  • Some of the information in this course, assumes a basic understanding, and not all aspects of Ableton are covered. I have a course which walks through the basics of Ableton, if you find yourself getting lost.
  • The purpose of this course is to go from scratch, to a functioning bass and drum track. I built this course, like I was sitting next to you, and showing you what to do.
  • I made the lessons in small pieces, so you can concentrate on a single idea, without have to scan across all the lessons looking for how to do something.
  • Even someone with regular knowledge of music, will learn something, even if only to rediscover how to fall in love with making music again.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Work with a Drum Plugin
  • Work with a Synth Plugin
  • Learn to Modulate Plugins and effects
  • Learn Basic Drum Programming
  • Learn how a Synth works
  • Learn how to make a track from scratch
  • The course is designed to take you step by step through creating a track.
Sam Gill
Sam Gill
Instructor, Sr. Consultant, Executive Director, Producer

I have been making music, since 1992. I have 3 labels, and 2 bands. I have programmed and written over 800 sequences, and when I have time, write about 80-100 songs a year. At one point I owned 19 keyboard synths, and 20+ synth rack modules. I used to record and arrange on a setup that consisted of a 24 channel Soundcraft, with 3 DA-88's and a Roland MC-50Mk2. I came to Logic and Apple in 2007, and picked up Ableton Live in 2009. I sold most of my hardware, and bought in to soft-synths, after I sampled my most used sounds, and was able to reliably use those. I continue to write to this day, and keep learning new techniques, and new ways to improve my music. Now that I have amassed such knowledge, I have found the joy of sharing what I know with others who can benefit from my years of experience.

Beside music, I have worked with electronics since 1990, and have built, repaired and fixed many things along the way. I got really sucked into electronics, when my synth passion ignited, and I found out that they need to be repaired frequently. I started repairing synths as early as 1998, learning about the ins and outs of the electronics that they were founded on.

I took an interest in programming keyboards, with my first programmable keyboard, which was a Kawai K11, which I bought in 1992. I did not know it then, but programming a keyboard, and programming a computer, are not very far off.

In 1994, I bought my one and only sequencer, a Roland MC50-Mk2, which I have to this day, and it writes in DD floppy drives. I have a collection of DD drives, since they are not easily found today. I composed over 800 sequences on that sequencer over a 10 year period. I learned how to arrange, and that arrangement method was directly transferrable to Ableton Live.

Since 1984 I also been an avid Photographer, and have invested in cameras, lenses, video equipment, and other sorts of gear, to not only share what I know, but how I think. Over time I have also developed a deeper spiritual sense, that has come to offer comfort, to those I hold dear, and has helped me to achieve peace within myself. I have published my photography works, and use my photography skills for a number of different uses. I also will have courses on photography and video techniques, to share, ones that I have learned over the years.

In 2007, I began to build up my contemplative skills, and began to think more about the world, and who I was. In 2011, I was forced to speed up this process, and went through a number of breakthroughs, and revelations. In 2013, and into 2014, I experienced spiritual awakening, in new and different ways, and had a lot of my beliefs turned upside down, or replaced, or expanded. As you may have guessed, I have now a lot to talk about on this issue, and I will be making courses for self-development, and personal development, along with helping you to understand some of the things that you may be going through, and how to cope or grow beyond them. Hope is always possible, in all situations, and a better outcome can always be pursued.

If you have a course that you would like me to teach, just send me a note, and I will add it to my list. I am always looking to help others, and mentor people, as I have the time. I hope that I have been able to help you, and grow your skills and talents, as you look for ways to express them.

I hope you enjoy watching and learning from these courses, as much as I enjoy teaching them. Be well, and take care my friend.

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