Курс Mindful Eating: How to Stop Overeating and Enjoy Your Food

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If you are tired of overeating and feeling out of control around food, and diets just haven't worked for you, this is the course for you. This course will teach you how to fundamentally change the way you eat. By the end of the course you'll be transformed from a mindless eater into a mindful eater.

In the beginning of the course you'll learn how to do a basic mindful eating exercise. After you have that foundation, you can move on to the Mindful Eating Solutions section which targets specific eating problems. You choose which lessons to do based on what issues you want to address.

Speed eaters: You'll learn how to slow down and enjoy your food. Constant snackers: You'll learn how to wake up, break the spell, and start eating with intention. Restaurant gorgers: you'll learn how to curb the habit while enjoying your food more than ever. Social overeaters: You'll learn the root cause of your issue and how to overcome it. Junk food junkies: You'll learn to listen to what your body really wants and how to nourish it effortlessly.

If you think of yourself as the kind of person who just isn't a healthy eater, prepare to be surprised. Your body knows what it needs. You just have to learn how to listen to what your body is telling you. Mindfulness is the key to unlock your inner healthy eater.

Welcome to Mindful Eating: How to Stop Overeating and Enjoy Your Food

This lecture will introduce you to this course.

How to Use This Course

This lecture will get you oriented and ready to complete this course successfully.

What is Mindful Eating?

In this lecture you will learn:

  • What mindful eating is
  • What mindful eating will help you understand
  • What eating skills are developed through mindful eating
Mindful Eating vs. Mindless Eating
What is mindful eating and what is mindless eating?Read to find out.
Basic mindful eating exercise
This lecture will lead you through a basic mindful eating exercise.Complete this exercise at least once before moving on to the next section.
"I eat too fast"

Learn how to break the habit of eating too fast.

"I eat too much at restaurants"

Learn how to stop overeating when you go out to eat.

"I can't stop grazing and snacking"

Learn how to overcome compulsive snacking and grazing. For those who find themselves drawn to the kitchen or breakroom for food and struggle to restrain themselves.

"I eat too much at social gatherings"

Learn how to stop overeating at social gatherings.For people who struggle at casual parties, dinner parties, events, and formal dinners.

"I eat too much junk food"
How to change your relationship with junk food by eliminating limiting beliefs and tuning into your body.
  • No prior knowledge or skills needed.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Identify and overcome all eating challenges
  • Eat to nourish your body
  • Eat without judgement or self-criticism
  • Stop eating when you are full
  • Eat less while feeling fully satisfied
  • Overcome non-hunger triggers for eating
  • Savor and truly enjoy your meals
Daxle Collier
Daxle Collier
Intuitive Eating Coach

Daxle Collier is an intuitive eating coach who helps people heal their relationship with food and create an authentic self-care practice.  She offers remote coaching, online courses, and local San Francisco Bay Area workshops.  

Daxle blogs about intuitive eating, mindful eating, self-care, joyful movement, stress reduction, and the process of change.  Her work is rooted in mindfulness, self-compassion, and the HAES principles.

She holds a masters in health education with specialization in nutrition from John F. Kennedy University, and has also completed Intuitive Eating Counselor Certification, Training and Supervision with Evelyn Tribole and Coach Training with Linda Bark of Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy.

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