Microsoft Visio Introduction: Turn Information into Graphics

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Microsoft Visio Introduction: Turn Information into Graphics
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Microsoft Visio Introduction: Turn Information into Graphics
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Our VISIO INTRODUCTION course provides you with the tools and skills to be able to start enhancing your documents and reports with clear, impactful diagrams and charts
The course has its own workbook with exercises – downloadable within the first “General Introduction” module – so you are able to practice and reinforce what you have learned
You will get to know the interface, then quickly learn how to work with shapes, stencils and text, and how to create flowcharts, process diagrams and organization charts
Introducing Microsoft Visio - The Visio Interface - The Quick Access Toolbar - Customizing the Ribbon - Using Task Panes
Working with Shapes and Stencils - Working with Stencils - Adding and Resizing Shapes - Formatting Shapes
Controlling Shapes - Align and Distribute - Grouping and Ordering Shapes - Shape Numbering
Working with Text - Adding Text to Shapes - The Text Block Tool - Freestanding Text Blocks
Linking Objects - Linking Shapes - Connector Tool and Autoconnect - Connection Points Tool
Flowcharts and Process Diagrams - Basic Flowcharts - Cross-Functional Flowcharts - Work Flow Diagrams
Finishing your Diagram - Backgrounds - Borders and Titles - Themes
Organization Charts - Adding Organization Chart Shapes - Chart Layout - Customizing the Chart
О курсе

Do you want to learn how to turn the information in your documents and reports into clear, impactful diagrams and charts?

Whether you’re a new Viso user who wants to go to the highest level you can manage, or an existing user who’d like a combined “best practice” refresher, skills enhancer and a reference for whatever you may want in the future, this is the choice for you!

With every ZandaX Microsoft course, you get a workbook and exercises (downloadable from the short “General Introduction” module at the start of each course). These are a great addition because they enable you to practice the skills you learn.

Our Microsoft instructors are seasoned professionals - they don't just know the software: they've used it commercially and taught it in a classroom environment for years. You won't be in better hands!

And we don’t woffle! Do you want to sit through hours of over-explaining before you get the knowledge you need? We doubt it! So we make sure that everything is covered in easy-to-follow video lessons, and we get to the point so you make the best use of your time.

You’ll learn a lot in the course, but some of the major topics include:

  • Using the Visio Interface
  • Using Shapes & Stencils
  • Working with Text
  • Linking Objects
  • Producing Flowcharts & Process Diagrams
  • Finishing Your Diagram
  • Creating Organization Charts

Each lecture is self-contained, so you don’t need to sit through them all: once you’re at a comfortable level, you’ll be able to use this as your reference library, where you can select what you want to view.

The course is aimed at new users of Microsoft Visio who want to learn how to use the package quickly and effectively.

Upon completion (and with a little practice…) you will be able to create visual diagrams that enhance the impact of your documents and reports.

We’ll say it again: don’t forget the course workbooks and exercises – downloadable with the first “General Introduction” module at the start of each course – which really enhance and deepen your learning. Remember that practice makes perfect!

So this course is genuinely much more than just a set of talk-through videos. We don’t think you’ll find better value, so why not enrol with us now?

  • You don't need any knowledge of Microsoft Visio: all you need is a basic understanding of how Microsoft Windows works.
  • If you want to do the exercises we provide, you'll need a copy of Visio on your computer (any version from 2010 is fine).
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