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Understand important mens' health issues
Better Health and Wellness
Learn what pitfalls to avoid
Improve performance
Understand how low testosterone can be dangerous
Which supplements to take and which to skip
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Men have unique physiology and health needs that are often neglected.

Life is short - why not live an optimized life.

When it comes to men's health care issues, there is a lot of information around, but very few authoritative sources.

Usually when someone talks about men and their bodies, they talk about big muscles, getting ripped, and getting women. There might be some people who want that, but the vast majority of my patients & clients want to understand how to achieve optimal health.

What is optimal health?

  • Healthy body weight – Getting in shape without trying to be Mr. Universe
  • Heart health – Lowering cholesterol and blood pressure without prescriptions
  • Taking supplements – Knowing which supplements work and which to skip
  • Reducing inflammation – Preventing pain in joints and illnesses caused by cellular damage
  • Better sleep – Understanding how to sleep well so you can be alert and active
  • Improving gut health – A strong immune system and easy digestion are based on healthy eating and probiotics
  • Stress management – Managing your responses so that they don't manage you
  • Hair loss – Learning the reasons for and prevention of this common problem
  • Erectile dysfunction – Why you are struggling with something you couldn't stop for decades

All of these
and many more men's health issues are covered in my course, The Optimal Living
Program. It's all about mind and body health leading you to optimal energy,
fitness, stamina, performance, and longevity.

3,300+ men
have already joined the program, each getting the information they need to get
healthy and stay healthy.

Course Introduction
Explore course navigation & meet the instructor
Course Introduction
Welcome to Men's Health 1.0.This lecture is a brief overview of the course and what you can expect.Remember that this course is designed for educational purposes only.Please watch the disclaimer video.
Meet the instructor
Mitchel Schwindt is a physician (M.D.), author,consultant, triathlete and will coach you through this course.
Is & Is Not - Why I Created This Course
This course is grounded in science and research drawing on concepts from functional medicine, longevity and sports medicine.There is no hype.Watch the short video to learn why I created this course.
Men's Health Self-Assessment Tool
To reach your destination (health goals), you need to know where you are currently at.Complete this now and periodically to track your progress.
Disclaimer - Watch This Please
For this course I am your instructor / guide only.Please watch this short video explaining the purpose of this course.
Bonus Content and the Recharge Podcast
Short episodes to help transform your life in 15 minutes or less and guest experts on occasion.  Always open to new ideas of topics you'd like to learn more about.
The True Role of T
Learn facts and fiction about testosterone, andropause and ED.
Testosterone Self Quiz
Do you have symptoms of low testosterone (Low T)??
Myths, Testosterone & More
10 common myths that can negatively impact mens health.
Andropause = Menopause For Men
Andropause is real.This lecture explains the concept, symptoms and what to do about it.
Testing Options
There are a variety of options for testing.Some controversy exists around which test is best.I share my thoughts and experience in this lecture.
  • No prerequisite knowledge needed
Mitchel Schwindt
Mitchel Schwindt
Physician, author, plant-powered chef, and triathlete.
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