Melodyne: Pitch Correction and Beyond

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Use Melodyne confidently to correct pitch on multiple audio sources, as well as use this software as a creative tool.
О курсе

Join me as we do a walk through using Melodyne.  I created this course for music producers, engineers, and artists who already have some experience with recording and mixing, but are new to using the Melodyne software.  

Melodyne is a very powerful application that lets users manipulate the pitch, vibrato, timing, envelopes, and formants of audio in an intuitive interface that is similar to working with MIDI.  I have heard it referred to as "the magic plugin." 

Many people get frustrated early on when trying to learn Melodyne because it is so different from any other audio software available.  There is a learning curve that you need to overcome before you will be comfortable using Melodyne.  And that is what this course is designed for.  

I will show you how to use Melodyne's interface, tools, editor views, and macros.  Then apply Melodyne to tuning vocals in a mixing scenario, and finally, use this software in less conventional ways.  Melodyne goes well beyond just pitch-correcting vocals, despite what many people believe.  

So please join me in this course and let's see the power you can unleash in your own music!  

Introduction and Overview
Navigate and use the tools, macros, and editors available in Melodyne.
Learn about your instructor and what the course has to offer.
A Quick Overview of Melodyne
The interface of Melodyne.
The Tools
Learn about the tools available in this software.
Macros and More
More ways you can manipulate audio inside of Melodyne.
Sound Editor
The sound editor view is a very formidable instrument.  Find out how to use it.
Section 1 Quiz
Select the best answer(s) for each question.
Tuning Vocals
Pitch correct lead, background, and harmony vocals
Melodyne as a Plugin
This video shows how to use Melodyne as a plugin within another music application.  Prepping vocals for tuning is also covered.
Tuning a Vocal
The basic process of applying pitch correction to a lead vocal.
Stacks and Harmonies
Learn how to use Melodyne's track list view to edit multiple tracks simultaneously.
Rendering Melodyne
How to commit your Melodyne plugin to audio.
  • You should own a version of Melodyne
  • Have a basic understanding of music theory
  • Understand music mixing concepts
Matt Hayes
Matt Hayes
Recording and Mixing Engineer
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