Курс Meal Planning For Parents With Busy Families

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Cooking healthy, yummy meals for your family every night is easy to do if you have a meal plan. 

However, many busy parents find it stressful, lack the time, confidence, and motivation to organize meal prep and to meal plan.  A weekly meal plan will get you on track.  It will give you the confidence to prepare well-balanced, delicious meals your family love.  Meals that are full of variety, easy, and are tasty.  It will reduce food costs and food waste.  It will also save time, reduce effort in the kitchen and create a healthy family.

In this course you will create a weekly, well-balanced meal plan that includes recipes, side dishes, and a shopping list. It will be based on your schedule and lifestyle and with recipes your family will eat.

As a parent, a meal plan helps in so many ways.  It will:

Save you time, by eliminating that daily question we all ask “What am I going to cook for dinner tonight?”

Save you money and prevent impulse buys at the grocery store.

Reduce food waste, which saves you more money.

• Ensures you cook with a variety of food and create well balanced, nutritious meals.  

• Help you eat less take out and eat less processed and premade foods.

Knowing what you will cook for dinner every night will take away the stress and boredom of daily cooking. It will also give you the confidence to prepare easy, tasty meals for family and friends.  

In this course you will learn how to create your own meal plan with recipes that your family love.  

You'll also learn: 

  • How to create well balanced, nutritious meals.
  • How to save money on your grocery bill.
  • How to prepare healthy snacks.
  • How to add excitement to daily cooking.
  • How to get kids involved in the kitchen.
  • Meal prep ideas.
  • Basic cooking equipment needed. 
  • How to make a tomato meat sauce.
  • How to make stir-fry rice.

You'll also receive:

  • 5 day meal plan template.
  • 7 day meal plan template.
  • Shopping list template.
  • 2 Completed 5 day meal plans.
  • Recipe booklet with family friendly recipes.
  • Recipe booklet with healthy snack recipes.
  • 10 steps on How To Menu Plan handout
  • Suggested pantry list.
  • Suggest kitchen equipment list.

At the end of the course you'll have the confidence to organize a weekly meal plan and prepare a well balanced, nutritious meals for your family.

Are Your Ready To Get Started?

How To Menu Plan. Menu Planning & Shopping List Templates
Menu Planning & Shopping List Templates
Meal Prep Ideas
Suggested kitchen equipment for the home kitchen and suggested pantry list
Cooking Videos & Resources
  • Students should have access to a kitchen
  • Students should have access to basic cooking equipment
Что Вы изучите?
  • Learn how to prepare a weekly, healthy meal plan that's fits for your family's lifestyle
  • Learn how to prepare healthy snacks for your family
  • How to organize home cooking & simplify meal prep to save time
  • Learn to make a Tomato Meat Sauce and a Stir-Fry Rice
  • How to save money on your grocery bill
  • Learn how to get children involved with meal prep and cooking
  • Includes menu planning and shopping list templates plus family-friendly recipes
Barb Kemp
Barb Kemp
Food Educator | Master Trainer | 20+ Years Experience

I’m Barb Kemp, creator of the course.  I’m a food educator with over 15 years of experience teaching everyday home cooks, and an enthusiastic home cook. I get very excited talking and teaching about all things food, healthy eating and cooking.  

One of the biggest lessons I've learned is that many home cooks,  want to menu plan, get organized with their daily cooking so they can prepare healthier meals for their families in less time and with less stress. However, they’re unsure where to start and lack motivation.  

Which is why I've created these online courses. To motivate and inspire parents to cook, and have success in their own kitchens. To teach how to get organized and cook healthy meals so you can have the healthiest family possible.

My love of food and cooking began in my twenties when I was told to become vegetarian for health reasons. The problem was I liked meat and potatoes and didn’t really know how to cook. I ate whatever I wanted, including takeout foods filled with sugar, salt, and fat.  Embracing the challenge, I learned to cook.  Then I started to add veggies and whole grains into my diet and discovered a whole new positive lifestyle change.

Later, when I became a mom, one of our children developed a food allergy and all meals had to be made from scratch. I struggled at first, but once again welcomed the change and learned to menu plan.  It was a game changer. 

Eventually, I switched careers and started writing a Newsletter, blog and teaching about healthy home cooking, meal planning and fresh whole foods to everyday home cooks.

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