Курс Meal Planning and Food Prep for Real Life

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This course is meant to teach you how much they should eat, how create a meal plan based on that amount, turn that mean plan into a shopping list and stick to it. 

Once you have all the items, the course walks you through preparing foods to be cooked at a later date, as well as portioning out prepared foods, to be served later.

This course includes 7 videos that walk you through each step of the processes, as well as templates for meal plans and shopping lists. 

Calculations for calories, blog posts for reference, example meal plans, and bonus budgeting tips are also included. I am easily accessible for questions if you get stuck or run into any confusion along the way. 

This course will not take you a very long time to watch and learn from, however implementing the information will probably require you to come back and reference the videos multiple times.

My personal recommendation is to watch through all the videos, and then implement them one at a time, re-watching each one.  The course is laid out in the order you would complete each task, so that should not be a problem.

I believe that you should take this course because too many times people waste money on pre made meal plans, or pre made food, at a huge inflation.

Pre made meal plans are not set to exactly what you, and your family, like to eat. They don’t take into consideration trips, days off, or nights out.

Pre made food is often full of chemicals and the packaging associated with it really is a waste. Plus you spend double, if not triple, what you would by cooking for yourself. 

Taking this course puts the control of your food, and finances, back in your own hands!

Just a quick overview of what you can expect from the course! I hope it sets expectations for you and gets you excited to dive in to the information. 
Creating Your Meal Plan
This section is all about how you come up with your meal plan. How much do you need to eat? How many servings do you need? How many days are you shopping for and so on. It's important to start at the beginning by having a plan! You will find templates for your meal planning, as well as a link to the industry standard calorie assessment. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail. This part is key! 
Putting Together a Great Shopping List
Welcome to the shopping section. This is where a lot of people get tripped up. Shopping without a list, buying to much of things that just go bad, or winging it in the store and finding themselves without everything they need. This can take a few trips to get down well, but it is worth the time spent learning. 
Using Food Prep to Save Time and Energy
Saving time by preparing food is the best way to stay on track with your meal plan, and not waste all that food you bought. We've all been there, we just want to order a pizza because it's too much work to even think about cooking. A few simple steps and you can save time,and money, during the week. 
Taking it a Step Further with Pre-Portioning and Packaging Your Food
This section is the longest and most involved. This is a big part of how I was able to lose so much weight, while working full time, wrapping up school, starting a company and working out every day. It eliminates so much time, and frankly energy, that we spend on fueling our body throughout the week. Time invested up front makes for smooth sailing the rest of the days! 
It's Not Time Management, It's Priority Managment
If you are feeling overwhelmed, or thinking about not taking on all of this, please keep going! Watch this video. I cannot stress enough how important your mental state is when it comes to meal planning and prep. Don't talk yourself out of something that is going to change your life for the better, because you think you don't have time, or are just uncomfortable. 
  • The majority of the documents in this course are PDF, however the editable versions are in Word and Excel. No further recommended resources are needed.
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  • Create a Meal Plan for an Individual or Family
  • Take Inventory of their Current Kitchen Contents
  • Create a Meal Plan Specific Shopping List
  • Portion Some, or All, of Their Meals for the Week
  • Properly Calculate Their Caloric Needs
  • Prepare Food to be Cooked at a Later Time
Amber Snow
Amber Snow
Life Transformation Specialist

At 27 I was almost 300 pounds, recently divorced, totally depressed and starting my life over.  After trying to get through the pain with more food, alcohol, partying, and shopping, I turned to health and fitness.

Over the last 6 years I have stumbled and struggled my way through losing 110 pounds, learning to cook, learning to like new foods, and learning about fitness.

I’ve also paid off debt, started my own company, learned a whole new way of relationships that has led to a happy marriage, and traveled the world.

I have used my experience to guide thousands of others through their own life journey, saving them time, money and heartache by sharing what I know.

Growing through my own path, but also my certifications for group exercise, graduation of personal growth courses, and currently my holistic life coaching accreditation, has allowed my real life experience, to meet expertise and knowledge.

One of my biggest strengths has become teaching others in a way that empowers them to take control of their own futures.

From fitness and food, to finances and relationships, I am to give people lifelong skills that create lasting change.  

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Meal Planning and Food Prep for Real Life