Mastering Turo car sharing | The AirBNB of vehicle rentals

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Everything an entrepreneur needs to start a successful vehicle rental business on Turo.  If you are a student, a professional or  looking for a fun and creative way to increase your monthly income, Turo is a great way to earn great side money or make a living.  

This course is designed for beginner and intermediate level Turo entrepreneurs.  Using techniques we've developed and implemented successfully over the last 3 years; we will help you obtain the best return on investment.  Our strategies and proven processes will help your entry-level vehicle(s) earn $10,000 annually with only an hour per week each.  

Welcome to our course.

Introduction to Turo
At the end of this lecture you'll learn what Turo is,how it works and what's in it for you.
Opening a new account
At the end of this lecture your'll know how to open your account, include a detailed profile description and photo & connect with your audience by being someone you'd rent from.
Listing your first vehicle
By the end of this lectureyou'll know how to listyour first vehicle with the right photos, description and vehicle handling expectations.
Pricingyour vehicle & selecting protection
At this end of this lectureyou'll be able to set a smartprice and modify yourprice settings to attract clients and startfilling your calendar.
Setting your delivery & trip preferences
After completing this lecture you'll know how to modifyyour delivery and trip preferences to accomodate your schedule and availability.
Optimizing your mileage & calculating your profits
After completing this lectureyou'll know how to appropriatelyadjust your mileage options and account for your costs toincrease revenue and calculate your profits.
Selecting vehicles & maintenance
After this lecture you'll learn what vehicles rent best in your area and how to put together your maintenance strategy and schedule.
Preventative maintenance
Once completed with this lecture you'll know smart shortcuts to the best products to keep your car running and on the platform at the lowest costs.
Optimizing your TURO search
In this lecture you'll learn smartautomation tips and obtain tools to easily manage your business.
Automating your business & remote handoffs
In this lecture you'll getthe tools to quickly handle claims, mileage/gas/toll reimbursements and customer escalations.
  • No prior knowledge of Turo is necessary, beginners welcome
  • Advanced tutorials for intermediate and seasoned Turo professionals
Что Вы изучите?
  • Understanding the Turo platform
  • Setting up your account
  • Listing your vehicle
  • Getting best return on investment
  • Implementing a smart pricing strategy
  • Optimizing Turo Search
  • Automating your business / time management
  • Understanding the claims, reimbursements, and escalations process
Joshua Stock
Joshua Stock
Marketer, Entrepreneur, Family Man

I am a Turo user and expert.  I love this platform and the people who support and use it. 
I do Marketing and Strategy for fortune 100 companies and on the side run a fleet of rental vehicles on the Turo platform. My wife Lindsay and I were introduced to Turo in October of 2015 and we have found amazing success.  The Turo community is supportive, responsive and provides customers with the cars they want, when they need them. 

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