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My property was officially number one in San Francisco when you searched for 3+ guests. That was number one out of 5000+ listings. Over 3,483 students have taken this course that contains 16+ hours of content and over 55 five-star reviews. Join in!


  "Best course I've taken on Udemy. Solid course. I'm in the middle of starting a business and this is perfect. I had heard about how companies had funded their initial start through Airbnb and this course is a complete steal. There are so many ways you can use airbnb to upgrade your situation. This course ROCKS."  Jeff Tran 

  "Fantastic Investment. I signed up for this course when it first came out a little over a month ago. I was already a host but I was in what Evan called the "beginning blues" where I was getting bookings but not enough and for little money. I took his course and I'm happy to say already in a month, his techniques are making a really big difference. My bookings next month are already up 30% in price and I'm getting close to filling all my weekends I wanted. Next month I've already booked $2300, which is really exciting. I've gone back to this course so many times already because its been so valuable. Evan's even helped me out on several occasions. I just wanted to come back and write this review to encourage anyone reading this to take this course. Its already paid for itself many times over."  Laura Greer 


I once made $7,579 while vacationing in Bali. How did I make that much? By doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. All I had to do was rent my apartment out on Airbnb and leave for the month.

I know it sounds ridiculous but it's true. I got paid $260 / day to simply not be in my apartment.

I bet that by now you've heard of Airbnb. If you don't use it, chances are someone you know does. Airbnb lets you rent out your spare room or entire space for money, and the company has been growing like wildfire. Airbnb now has over 350,000 hosts, who are just ordinary people, renting their spaces in over 192 countries. They have booked over 10 million rental nights in homes, apartments, rooms, and spaces just like yours. 

You know what the best part is? A private room on Airbnb rents for an average of $120 / night. You could make that by renting out a spare room - or 3x that for your whole space.

I have personally made over $60,000 renting out my space on Airbnb. On average I spent about 4~ hours per week handling guests, maintaining the space, and everything else involved. On a typical month I would make $4,000 - $5,000. If I was traveling I would make between $7,000 - $10,000 a month.

Is this abnormal? Not at all. I have helped several of my friends list their places on Airbnb and they all make a minimum of $2,000 / month. Thousands of hosts on Airbnb make well over $100,000 a year from their rental income and with only one property. 

When I first started hosting on AirBNB, I thought, "What the heck, its worth a shot." I had just moved to San Francisco and signed a big one-year lease for an apartment that was $3,000 a month. Not to mention being self employed with a business that ebbs and flows. What if I hit a bad month and couldn't make rent? A terrible feeling that most of us have probably had. 

The first month I started Airbnb, I made $4,963. That blew my expectations away. It covered my rent, utilities, cleanings, and I pocketed an extra $1,500. Airbnb saved me like it's saved so many others.

Just so you know, the spaces on Airbnb are not hotel quality spaces. They're spare rooms, apartments, and homes that everyday, ordinary people live in. Spare bedrooms, living rooms, empty condos, spare family homes, and any other dwelling you can think of. 

Do you have extra space where you're living? Do you ever leave for the weekend or go home for the holidays? Can you crash at a significant other's for the weekend? If you're like me, or really anyone else, I'm sure you can think of a time where you've had unused space. You could be missing out on a significant amount of money. Money that could make a big difference in your life.


Some things you'll learn in the course: 

- How to step-by-step get your spare room or space renting for up to $5,000 / month, or your entire space for up to $10,000 / month 

- Everything you need to know before starting the process so you can hit the ground running 

- How to scope out your competition, create a plan, and land on the first page of search 

- How to perfect your listing: from photographs to thumbnails to listing descriptions 

- Every tip and trick I used to triple my booking inquiries in jone month 

- How to limit your rental related work to 3-4 hours a week

- How to virtually guarantee 5-star reviews from each guest 

- How to become a SuperHost and join the top 5% of Airbnb hosts 

- Plus so much more. There are over 100+ lectures and 13 hours of content included in this course. 


Some common questions: 

Can anyone do this?   

Yes, absolutely anyone can do this. Airbnb is in 192 countries and even in cities with fewer than 10,000 people. With my course I'll show you exactly how you can be successful in any environment. 

What if my space isn't nice? 

Every space has a price and if you follow my steps you can maximize that price. If you're not happy with the price you get, follow my advice and you can easily get more and more per night. 

What if I don't own my space, I just rent it? 

Even if you don't own your space, even if you don't think you have room, even if you think your city is too small, you can rent out your space. 


AirBNB was a life changer for me and I want it to be the same for you. I've studied the AirBNB market, have hosted over 200 guests, and collaborated with five other rockstar hosts to bring this course together. In this course you'll get everything you need to skip the painful learning process and start maximizing your profit quickly.

Get Acquainted (44 minutes)
Introduction to AirBNB, homesharing, and how the system works
Meet Evan
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What is AirBNB?
Course format
The benefits of homesharing
Can it work in my city? (Hint: yes)
How much can I make? I'll show you!
Looking at my revenue
Cheat sheet: Can it work in my city? (Hint: yes)
Course feedback: Let me know what you think so far!
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Section 1 Review Material
  • Students should have an open mind and be willing to try new things.
  • A basic familiarity with AirBNB is helpful but not necessary.
  • Access to a computer where you can download either iPhoto or Windows Live Gallery.
  • Access to a camera or camera phone is helpful, but not necessary.
  • Putting up a listing and starting to make money will require a minimum of a half day's work.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Turn your spare room into a rental income of up to $250 / night
  • Turn your entire place into a rental income of up to $600 / night
  • Price your listing in a way that gets bookings without reviews
  • Scope out your competition to identify your listing's market potential
  • Identify and add amenities to dramatically increase the value of your listing
  • Take Airbnb quality photos without a professional photo team
  • Choose the thumbnail that creates the most interest
  • Tips for using free software to enhance your listing's photos
  • Learn how to get featured by AirBNB
  • How to show up on the first page of AirBNB search
  • Write listing descriptions that grab bookings
  • Write the perfect attention-grabbing title for your space
  • Correctly set cleaning fees and minimum night restrictions
  • Figure out the right long-term cleaning arrangement
  • Use house rules and extra people fees to your advantage
  • Maximize income with other sources like VRBO and Roomorama
  • Have your Airbnb run itself while you travel abroad without an internet connection
  • Prevent burnout by choosing and limiting guest interaction
  • Learn fun (and cheap) ways to guarantee 5-star reviews
  • Identify the moving parts of your listing and reduce incident rates by 80%
  • Integrate useful (and free) Airbnb tools for extra help and automation
  • Correctly use your reviews to prevent 90% of bad reviews
  • Use the "augmentable amenities" strategy to grab bookings you would otherwise lose
  • Manage your homesharing taxes and comply with IRS guidelines
  • Learn how to meet great people and have fun with your guests
Evan Kimbrell
Evan Kimbrell
Founder of Sprintkick | Ex-VC | Ex-startup founder

Hi, I'm Evan Kimbrell. Thanks for checking out my course.

My courses have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, BusinessInsider, BuzzFeed, Mashable, TheNextWeb, The Daily Beast, & Techcrunch

Currently, I'm the Founder and Director of Sprintkick, a full-service, referral-only digital agency based out of San Francisco. Over the past four years I've overseen the development and launch of over 100 web and mobile apps. Clients range from two-man bootstrapping startups to multibillion dollar Fortune 100s like Wal-Mart, Dick's Sporting Goods, and GNC.

Prior to Sprintkick I worked as a VC for a new firm called Juvo Capital, based out of L.A. I spearheaded the firm's expansion into Silicon Valley and into the Consumer Web tech category.

In the long long ago, I was a co-founder for an educational software startup called ScholarPRO that raised a ton of money and then spectacularly blew up (in the bad way). Before it exploded like the Death Star, I went through five tech incubators (yes, five): Tech Stars, Excelerate Labs, MassChallenge, Babson Venture Program, and Sparkseed.

I'm an avid Airbnb host for the Fisherman's Wharf district of San Francisco. My space has the #1 search ranking for my area, has hosted over 200+ people, and is currently booking out 18 months in advance. I've helped multiple hosts get their properties listed and their prices per night maximized. Results range from an extra +50% in price for established hosts and +400% for brand new hosts.

Hope you enjoy my courses!

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