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We are a PMI Registered Education Provider:

  • Instructingcom, LLC #4082
  • Mastering Microsoft Project 2016; Activity ID MSPRO2016
  • 6 PDU hours

Effective project managers know that project management is about getting things done. No piece of software can replace the project manager, but Microsoft Project 2016 assists the project manager in effective management of the project endeavors.

  • In this course you will:
  • Explore Microsoft Project 2016
  • Build a new project from scratch
  • Open new Microsoft Project templates
  • Manage and control project resources
  • Create Gantt charts, project network diagrams, views, reports, and much, much more

Project management is the orchestration of the correct processes at the correct time to achieved the desired result while balancing time, cost, scope, quality, and risk. In this course you will learn how Microsoft Project 2016 can help you be a better project manager.

This course is a hands-on course; you can watch the exercises, pause the videos, and learn Microsoft Project 2016 by experiencing Microsoft Project 2016. All of the files that I use in the lectures are included as resources for you to follow along and experiment with throughout the course - and after the course.

My company, Instructingcom, LLC, is a Project Management Institute Registered Education Provider (PMI REP #4082) and this course qualifies for 6 Professional Development Units for certification maintenance.

Let’s get started today learning all that you can, all that you need to, about Microsoft Project 2016.

Microsoft Project 2016: Building the Foundation
In this section we’ll examine Microsoft Project 2016 and build a good foundation for being an effective project manager in Microsoft Project 2016. We’ll take a complete tour of Microsoft Project 2016.
MIcrosoft Project 2016: Course Overview
Effective project managers know that project management is about getting things done. No piece of software can replace the project manager, but Microsoft Project 2016 assists the project manager in effective management of the project endeavors. In this course you will:
  • Explore Microsoft Project 2016
  • Build a new project from scratch
  • Open new Microsoft Project templates
  • Manage and control project resources
  • Create Gantt charts, project network diagrams, views, reports, and much, much more
Microsoft Project and Project Management
Microsoft Project 2016 isn’t a replacement for the project manager. Microsoft Project 2016 doesn’t ensure a successful project if a person doesn’t understand project management. However, Microsoft Project 2016 can assist a project manager in becoming more effective as a decision maker, a leader, and a project manager.
Download Microsoft Project 2016
Participants should have a copy of Microsoft Project 2016 to follow along with the course lectures. Microsoft provides a trial version of the software that participants may download for free to learn and experiment. This lecture provides a link to the Microsoft Project 2016 product page where the download is offered.In this lecture, click the "View Resource" tab to download a zipped file with all of the files used in this course. These files are specifically for Microsoft Project 2016, Windows version. If you prefer to no download these resources you can still follow along by using the "Software Development Template" in Microsoft Project 2016.
Touring Microsoft Project 2016

In this lecture we’ll walk through the Microsoft Project 2016 interface. We’ll navigate the software Tabs, the Ribbon, Groups, and Commands. We’ll examine how a project manager will move to different components in Microsoft Project 2016 depending on what the project manager wants to accomplish. In this lecture you’ll learn how to:

  • Start a new project
  • Access templates for new projects
  • Access the program tabs
  • Switch views in Microsoft Project 2016
Visiting the Backstage

In Microsoft Project 2016 there's a special area of the program called "the backstage." It's where the gears and options of Microsoft Project 2016 can be fine-tuned for making Project operate the way you want. This is also where you can:

  • Find information about your Project file
  • Access the Microsoft Project Organizer
  • Create new Project files
  • Open existing Project files
  • Save the Project file
  • Print the Project file
  • Share the Project file

This is also where you can "hook" your Microsoft Project file into a web-service. You'll also access the program options through this Backstage view.

Accessing Microsoft Project 2016 Project Information

Project information is part of the Backstage of Microsoft Project 2016. You’ll need to access this information to see the project’s start date, projected finish date, the project calendar being applied, and other basic information. You can also access Advanced Properties about your project to see a summation of your project’s costs, statistics, and a history of project changes.

Project information will also allow you to build a custom tab of information, such as work completed, costs, variances, and a host of other factors about your project.

Microsoft Project 2016: Course Foundation Summary

Great job completing this first section on Microsoft Project 2016! You've started a course that will help you become a more effective project manager using Microsoft Project 2016. This video will quickly review what you've accomplished so far - and encourage you to keep going through the material.

Building a Microsoft Project 2016 Project Plan
Build a project management plan in Microsoft Project 2016. Identify and record your tasks, establish the project start date, and allow for exceptions in your project calendar.
Planning with Microsoft Project 2016
In project management, a project plan communicates your intention for the project. It shows the project team, the project sponsors, vendors, and other stakeholders what you and the project team intend to do in the project. It’s a roadmap of how you’ll move from the start of the project to the finish of the project.Building a plan in Microsoft Project 2016 takes time, but it challenges your assumptions about how things will operate, who’ll do what task, and the ordering of your project activities. In this section we’ll examine how a project manager can add and edit project activities and project characteristics.
Working With Project Templates

Microsoft Project 2016 provides templates that come pre-populated with activities, links, and general direction for a project. In this lecture we’ll examine how to start a new project using a Microsoft Project 2016 template. You can follow along with this lecture, or come back to the lecture post-course.

Examining a Populated Project

In this lecture we'll dig into a project plan that's been created in Microsoft Project 2016. We'll examine the existing tasks and how we can edit these tasks. In this lecture you will learn:

  • How to navigate through a task list
  • Identify a task's predecessor
  • Examine activities in a Gantt chart
  • Inspect Indicators in a Microsoft Project 2016 plan
  • Quickly identify notes, calendars, and overallocated resources

  • Participants should download MS Project 2016 prior to starting the course
  • Participants should have a good foundation in project management
Что Вы изучите?
  • Navigate Microsoft Project 2016
  • Create a Microsoft Project plan
  • Utilize Gantt charts, views, and tables
  • Manage resources for ultimate project effectiveness
  • Track project and task progress through the project
  • Establish baselines and identify variances
  • Communicate project status with reports
  • Create custom reports
  • Print out project details for analysis and communication
  • Ramp-up on Microsoft Project 2016
Joseph Phillips
Joseph Phillips

Joseph Phillips has more than 15 years’ experience as a project management consultant, educator, technology consultant, business owner, and technical writer. He has consulted as a project manager for a range of businesses, including startups, hospitals, architectural firms, and manufacturers.  Joseph is passionate about helping students pass the PMP certification exam.  He has created and led both in-person and web-based seminars on project management, PMP certification, IT project management, program management, writing, business analysis, technical writing, and related topics.  Joseph has written, co-authored, or served as technical editor to more than 35 books on technology, careers, project management, and goal setting for MacMillan, McGraw-Hill, Pearson Education, and AMA Press.


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