MASTER GUITAR STRUMMING - Strumming Patterns for the Guitar

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You will learn how to get a great strum from your guitar and avoid pick recoil
You will learn right hand technique
You will learn your basic chords and chord variations
You will learn beginner to advanced strumming patterns to make your guitar playing more interesting
You will learn how to do Hammer - Ons, Pull - Offs, Bends & Vibrato
You will learn to develop your skills on the guitar
Have a good understanding about chord variations - After all the guitar does have over 3600 chords - You will get a good start on learning news ways to play the same chords
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Beginner to Advanced Strumming Patterns for the Guitar

Strumming Patterns on the Guitar - Mastery from the Beginning - Beginner to Advanced Strumming Patterns for the Guitar 
Learn the basic concepts and building blocks that you will need to get some great strumming patterns on the guitar. 

Why take beginner to advanced strumming patterns from this guy?

My passion is inspiring others to feel more confident in themselves and their playing. I feel like music can do that. After years of performing and teaching all over the US at workshops, out of my home and through multiple schools, I was asked by many of my students to make videos of my beginner to advanced strumming lessons. So here is the result.

I hope you will join me on the inside of this course where you will learn some awesome strumming patterns

Building a strong foundation:

·         For the beginner to advanced guitar players who would like to learn and/or improve their guitar strumming skills

·         Learn your basic chords - I will teach you a shortcut way to play these chords to make it easier to learn guitar faster.

·         You will learn variations of different chords

·         You will be able to get started on a boom chuck strum

·         Plus you will learn slides, bends, hammer-ons and pull-offs

Who is the target audience for this course?

·         Anyone interested in learning the guitar 

·         Anyone who wants to play guitar for enjoyment

·         Anyone who wants to be a performer or a musician

·         Great for any age

Straight to the Point

·         All these videos are all straight to the point and clearly broke down for you. THERE IS NO EXTRA TALKING on the videos.

Feel free to send me any questions you might have on this course.  I want to make your learning experience the best that it can be.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this course.  I look forward to seeing you on the inside and teaching you how to be a better rhythm guitar player.
Chuck Millar
Lesson Pros

Beginner to Advanced Strumming Patterns for the Guitar

Strumming Patterns on the Guitar - Mastery from the Beginning - Beginner to Advanced Strumming Patterns for the Guitar

Introduction Video
Student will have a better understanding of strumming patterns on the guitar.Also will be able to play different chord variations.Have fun!
Thanks for becoming a student.Feel free to send a message anytime with questions.
How to Hold the Pick and Avoid Pick Recoil
You will learn all about hold the pick properly
Hold to Get a Good Sounding Strum and Avoid Pick Recoil

This video will teach you how to hold the pick and avoid pick recoil.Including more info on the right hand.

Chords - G C & D
Learn Basic G, C & D with shortcut ways to play these chords
Chords - Em & A

Learn Basic Em & A Chords

Chords - E, Am & Bm
Learn Basic E, Am & Bm Chords with a shortcut way to play Bm
Chord F with Traditional C & G
Learn Basic F Chord and Traditional C & G Chords
Chord - B7 & D7 Plus Simple Variations of these Chord Shapes
You will learn B7 & D7 - Plus a multitude of variations of these chord shapes.
Strumming Patterns - Beginner to Intermediate
This strumming section is for the beginner to Intermediate players
#1 - Strumming Pattern - Boom Chuck

Basic Boom Chuck Strum

  • You can be a beginner - No skills required
  • You will need a guitar and a pick is good too
  • Practice is key - the more you practice the better you will be
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Lesson Pros
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