Making an Evernote Idea Drawer

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Are you using Evernote? Is this your first time using it?

Whether you’re new or not, this course provides you the easiest way to utilize it. Check out how you can use it in a way it’s supposed to be.

The instructor put all the tips he learned for 7 years using Evernote in this course. He’s taught and shared how to use Evernote to about 1,000 people in 3 years, and until now, his methods have been proven to be helpful by many people. Nowadays, he’s working as a Korean region community leader.

This course introduces you the easiest and the fastest methods to learn and utilize Evernote. Please refer to below testimonials.

“When I first tried Evernote in 2015, I used it as a memo pad for planning, writing down ideas, and keeping journals. However, it was too troublesome to look up what I want due to too much data already stored there. That’s why I decided to take this course. Thanks for Minkyu’s through explanation from basic concept to helpful advanced tips and examples, I learned so much on how to utilize it in just one class. Though I already knew a bit of how to it before, I think this course will be also beneficial for people who has no experience with it. ” - Choi

“I’ve used Evernote for 3 years now. It wouldn’t be as helpful if Minkyu only touched basic functions of Evernote. On the contrary, he went through various examples on how to utilize it which helped me so much. Before taking this course, I only used it to store ideas as a knowledge bank, but now I’d be able to utilize the information freely.” - Kim

“I had several years of experience with Evernote, but I didn’t know how to use it more efficiently by tagging. It was awesome to learn how to use it as my ‘Idea Drawer’ in the course. I’m going to plan rest of my life by using things I learned in the course such as idea drawer, note link, and advanced search. I only registered for the course because of my co-worker’s recommendation, but now I’m very satisfied with that decision.” - Lee

“I’ve used Evernote since 2013, but I learned that Evernote could be used in so many helpful ways only after taking this course! I used it only to take some memo before. Ever Since taking this course, I read books Minkyu recommended and organize my daily journals. I hope anyone who are interested in ‘organizing data’ take this course to eventually reach ‘self improvement’. Thank you for such a helpful course” - Park

  • Anyone who wants to learn Evernote can take this course. Available for both Mac and Windows OS.
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  • the fastest way to organize notes and information
  • the most essential features of Evernote
  • practical case studies that you can immediately apply
민규(Minkyu) 서(Seo)
민규(Minkyu) 서(Seo)

《회사 말고 내 콘텐츠》 의 저자이며, 이 외에  《생산적인 생각습관》, 《에버노트 생각서랍 만들기:실전편》, 《에버노트 생각서랍 만들기》을 썼다. 에버노트 본사에서 공인한 ECL(Evernote Community Leader)로 활동 중이다. 국제구호단체 월드비전에서의 에버노트 첫 강의를 시작으로 NGO, 사회적기업, 공익활동가를 대상으로 하는 강의를 주로 진행했다. 퇴사학교 등에서 에버노트 강의를 진행하고 있다.

Minkyu has been working as an Evernote certified official ‘Evernote Community Leader’ in Korean since 2016. He has given lectures to different groups of people such as college students, professors, pastors, small business entrepreneurs and etc. total of about 1,000 people. He published an e-book series called <Making an Evernote Idea Drawer> consist of 2 Evernote guide books: <Making an Evernote Idea Drawer: Understanding Concept> and <Making an Evernote Idea Drawer: Try Out Yourself> that became a bestseller.

He’s also working as an IT coach, publisher and a freelance writer. He had once worked for an international non-profit organization Ashoka.

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Making an Evernote Idea Drawer