M&A: Free Cash Flow (FCF) Modeling

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One of the primary functions of a broker-dealer’s M&A; desk is advisory services – consulting clients as they seek to grow through M&A.;

In this course, you will learn to use the Free Cash Flow metric to evaluate acquisition opportunities. You will learn about the components of Free Cash Flow and its relationship with market value. You will also learn about the process of capital budgeting and guidelines to follow.

This course is part of the New York Institute of Finance’s popular Mergers & Acquisitions Professional Certificate program.

M&A: Free Cash Flow (FCF) Modeling
Learn how to evaluate a company’s financial performance to determine acquisition opportunities.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Identify Free Cash Flow from Accounting Data
  • Recognize how to compare Free Cash Flow to Net Income
  • Recognize the Drivers of Free Cash Flow
  • Identify the steps to calculate Cost of Capital
  • Identify the steps to use Free Cash Flow for Capital Budgeting Decisions
  • Recognize the relationship between Free Cash Flow and Economic Value Added Value Acquisitions using Free Cash Flow
  • Recognize how to develop a Free Cash Flow approach to Incentive Compensation
Steve Literati
Steve Literati
Instructor NYIF

Steve is a New York Institute of Finance faculty member specializing in Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Corporate Strategy. He currently holds a CFA designation, MBA from Wharton School and a BA in Economics from Lafayette College

Steve was a former Senior Vice President of Business Development at Pearson Plc, where he led a group of professionals responsible for sourcing, structuring, negotiating, and completing deals to increase the revenues and core capabilities of Pearson. Former Chief Financial Officer of Pearson Educational Measurement division, he improved the accuracy of forecasts, successfully implemented controls under a Sarbanes-Oxley environment, and re-organized the finance team to provide needed support to grow the profit margins of the division.

Presently, Steve is the Senior Director for Workforce Readiness at Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton, NJ.

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M&A: Free Cash Flow (FCF) Modeling