Losing weight & Feeling Great

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You’ll learn how to start to lose Weight, Balance Your Hormones & Get Your Energy Back Quickly While Still Eating delicious Foods Easily Found At Your Local Grocery Store.
You'll also learn how to change your thinking pattern so that it helps you lose weight effortlessly
You'll learn to listen to your body, tune into your emotions and manage your stresses
О курсе

Losing Weight & Feeling great is about Eating Good Food, Shedding off the extra pounds And, Nurturing our Heart & Soul in the process!
Here's Exactly What You'll Get:

  • 21 days healthy meal plans based on whole foods that promote weight loss and are offered at your regular grocery store.
  • Recipe book with yummy easy-to-prepare whole food recipes
  • Food swap list, so if you didn't like something I suggested you can just replace it with another equivalent food of your choice
  • Food journal to hold yourself accountable 
  • Weekly grocery list so you can plan ahead and prepare for your week
  • Educational resources that will help you clean up your kitchen, deal with cravings, choose the right food, determine portion size and read the label
  • THE BEST PART: Losing weight & Feeling Great program is not only about your body It teaches you a holistic approach to diet taking care of your Body, Mind, Heart & Soul In the program, you will also learn the 3 spiritual rules of healthy eating, you'll learn how to craft your positive affirmation and how to tune into your emotions, manage your stress, identify your triggers and set your boundaries.
Week One... Dieting: A New Perspective!
At the end of this section you will learn about the real culprit in the weight gain epidemic. You willchange your whole approach to dieting and start taking concrete real steps.
Busting Dieting Myth # 1: Fat Makes You Fat!
In this lecture's video, you will learn about the real culprit in the weight gain epidemic. We will bust the old myth that fat makes you fat. After watching the video, it is time to start this week meal plan. Download the pdf from the resources. You will find a whole week meal plan and a grocery list to start right away. You will also find a food swap list for you to replace any thing that you do not like from the meal plan and a recipe book to start your journey. Bon Appetit!
Spiritual Shift: First Spiritual Rule
In this lecture, you will start a spiritual shift in your approach to dieting. You will learn about my First Spiritual Rule: Honor Your Body Wisdom and Listen to Your Body.
Resume the Spiritual Shift: More Spiritual Rule
In this video, you will learn about Spiritual Rules 2 & 3: Bless your food first & Eat when you eat. From the resources, download the pdf to help you start journaling your path to your spiritual shift.
Your Food Journal & Kitchen Inventory
In this video, I will talk to you about the importance of keeping a food log during those 3 weeks dieting class, what to document in this food log and why.You will also start your kitchen clean out to keep only Real Food, that is healthy, nourishing and beneficial to you. Real food is food that is as close to its natural state as possible. A chicken you have to cook yourself is more real than chicken nuggets or chicken from a can.The benefits of eating real food include minimizing the chemical additives that are linked to disease and obesity. These include artificial food coloring, preservatives and artificial flavours. Real food also has less sugar, sodium and added fat. Here are 3 easy tips to start with: 
  • Shopping the perimeter of your grocery store is a good way to start eating clean, real foods. That's where the fresh produce, natural meats, eggs and dairy usually are. 
  • Make fruits and vegetables your go-to snacks. Keep a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter. Wash and chop veggies into sticks and pack them into baggies for easy grab-in-go.
  • For quit fast food, make extra portions of your main dinner entree to pack for lunch the next day. This easy habit will save you from eating processed meals at the local fast food joint.

Week Two... Ditch the Guilt
In this section, you have another week of meal plans. You will be eating healthy while enjoying the process and starting a mental shift.
Busting Dieting Myth #2: Count Your Calories
In this lecture's video, you will learn why counting calories does not work. And, what you should do instead. In the resources you will find an easy guide to determine the portion size and your guide to wisely choose carbohydrates.Then, it is time to start this week meal plan. Download the pdf from the resources. You will find another whole week meal plan and a grocery list to start your second week of dieting. Bon Appetit!
Mental Shift
In this lecture you will learn about the importance of changing your inner dialogue and mental perspective and you will start constructing your positive affirmations.
Week Three... Your Hormones & Your Emotional Health
In this section, you have accessto your third week of meal plans. You'll also focus on the emotional side of dieting: your feelings, your support system & some powerful stress-busting tools!
Busting Myth #3: It's Your Age
In this lecture's video, you will bust one of the most famous myth in the dieting world: It's your age! And, you will learn more about your hormones and how to balance them.
After watching the video, it is time to start this week meal plan. Download the pdf from the resources. You will find your third week meal plan and a grocery list to go with it.
You will also find additional resources to help you in your grocery shopping and in reading the label.
Bon Appetit!
  • You just need to take the decision to start NOW.
Amira Ayad, PhD
Amira Ayad, PhD
Natural Health Consultant
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