Lose Weight Detox Heal - Proven Yet Little Known Remedies

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Maintain your health and improve how you look and feel. Your facial features will change and people will react differently toward you because you will not only look better, you will feel better and have a calmer spirit. You will learn how to overcome any health challenges you may have. Why do some remote cultures live to be well over 100? I will show you how they do it and you can do it too!
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  • A German scientist had a 90% cure rate for cancer - Learn how she did it
  • 60 % of heart attacks can be prevented using a common mineral
  • Learn how to change the way people interact with you
  • Get rid of scars and wrinkles
  • Reboot your health and calm your spirit

BONUS SECTION JUST ADDED: One hour of testimonials from patients cured of cancer using the method mentioned above

Let me ask you some questions:

Are you looking to enhance your sexual experiences?

Are you tired all the time?

Do you have trouble going to the bathroom on a regular basis?

Do you have difficulty sleeping?

Do you find it hard to get along with other people?

Do you suffer from depression?

Are you unable to lose weight or gain weight?

Do you have any digestive problems?

Did You Answer "YES" To Any Of These Questions? If so, this course is for you!

These are just some of the issues addressed in these lectures and I will show you how to overcome them!

If you could help reverse the aging process, would you? If using a few very easy and inexpensive techniques, made you look and feel young again, would you want to know about them and take advantage of them?

While there is no fountain of youth, there does exist a body of knowledge that is not mainstream, it is not widely known, that can help you regain your youth and vitality. I have used these health tonics and procedures and have seen the results for myself.

I want to share them with you and I want you to look and feel young again. And as an added bonus: I will reveal some of my all natural and unique skin care recipes to you – Ones never seen before!

Here are a few tidbits:

  • Learn how to stop depression dead in its tracks – feel happy again
  • I will show you how to increase your sex drive and level of pleasure
  • Overcome one of the most persistent health issues (constipation) and then see how you look and feel when you do
  • Learn about simple forms of exercise that you can do at home and they produce startling results – flatten your stomach is one such benefit
  • Change the way you feel inside and how people react toward you
  • Rid your body of toxins and watch how wonderful your skin becomes
  • Learn how to use a simple element, that when deficient in our body, has been linked to virtually every major illness – especially heart disease.

Please take this journey with me on the road to improved health and beauty and most importantly, learn how your spirit can be transformed, and how this new found self image can change the way you see the world and how others see you.

The world is full of many mysteries and wonders - Can you Turn Back The Aging Clock?

The Introduction will highlight the course benefits

Palma Christi Oil
The Palma Christi Oil Holds Many Secrets
Introduction To Castor Oil - Topical Agent
Could A Three Thousand Year Old Remedy Hold The Key To Your Health? Have you ever tried a castor oil pack - commonly referred to as The Palma Christi or Hand of Christ? If not why not? Learn about one of the most amazing health restoring products known to man. Examples of its topical use will spark your curiosity.
How Is The Castor Oil Pack Used?
The castor oil pack is the preferred way to use the oil and it is placed over the liver region which allows the user a means to obtain the maximum benefit. It can heal over 300 aliments.
Castor Oil Pack Demo

Watch this YouTube Video which demonstrates how to use the castor oil packs

More Information On Using Castor OIl
Castor oil cures over 300 aliments and when used in pack form can heal deeply.
The Magic of It All
Their is a magical element to the use of castor oil packs. Edgar Cayce recommended them to many of his sick clients. Learn what they do and why you should use them.
Beauty Secrets
The topical use of castor oil can give you healthier hair, nails, skin and so much more. It can get rid of scars, for example.
Castor Oil - How Much Do You Know?
Hope You Are Learning and Having Fun Doing It!
Sunlight - It Does More Than You Think
Learn about the amazing benefits of sunlight. It not only provides Vitamin D. It also pumps electrons into your body
  • Students do not need any prior knowledge or experience. No special materials or products are required.
Sam Sommer MBA
Sam Sommer MBA
CEO With 40 Years Experience: Business and Health Field
Heidi Preston
Heidi Preston
Alternative Health Guru
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