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As the artist Manafest I've sold over 300,000 albums worldwide over 1,000,000 singles and toured over 21 different countries.

I've used Logic Pro for the last 10 years to record my rough song ideas and email the demos to a producer to take to the next level.

This is a a beginners course to get you started recording as soon as possible.

  • How I Record Demos The Fast & Easy Way
  • How To Setup Your Sound Card inside Logic and Trouble Shoot No Input Selected
  • How To Edit Vocals Parts & Add Audio Plugin FX
  • How To Do a Basic Mixing and Export The MP3 To Email To a Producer

How To Install the Autotune - Pitch Correction Plugin In Logic Pro
Using autotune or pitch correction to make the vocals sound cleaner especially if the vocal take was pitch will help it sound a lot cleaner.  Try different plugins/effects to improve your song.
Adding Audio Effects & EQ To Your Vocals
Plugins for your vocals and tracks can make a big difference on how it sounds.  Any professional song you've heard on the radio has always had it go through sometime of processor using plugins.  Don't be afraid to mess with different plugins to produce the best sounding track you can. 
How To Edit and Line Up Your Vocals For a Cleaner Sound
Taking the time to edit and line up backups of verses and choruses gives you a much cleaner sound especially during final mix. 
Mixing Your Demo & Bouncing It Out To Send To a Producer
I do a VERY rough mix on my demos and then bounce/export them to an MP3 so I can email it to a producer. I spend much more time on the songwriting then I do the mix because i know its just a demo for a producer.  I would never play one of my rough demos for a label or radio for an example and I'd suggest you don't either.
Logic Automation: How To Fade In and Fade Out a Track
I show you how to fade in and fade out a track using Logic Automation.
Logic Pro Mixing Tip: How To Highlight a Portion of a Song To Mix or Write Too
In this lecture I teach you how to highlight a part of a track to play over and over again for either mixing or writing too.
  • Laptop or Computer
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  • How To Record Demos The Fast & Easy Way
  • How To Setup Your Sound Card inside Logic
  • How To Do a Basic Mix and Export The MP3 To Email To a Producer
  • How To Edit Vocals Parts & Add Audio Plugin FX
Christopher Greenwood
Christopher Greenwood
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Chris Greenwood: Musician, Best Selling Author & Entrepreneur

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Across the last decade and some change, Manafest has steadily cemented his status as one of the world's most diverse, envelope-pushing and all around uplifting artists. His seamless, lightening-like blur between the spectrums of rap, hip-hop, rock and pop hasn't just led to 300,000-plus album sales and five coveted Juno Award nominations (essentially the Grammy equivalent in his home country of Canada), but also more than 1,000 shows logged over four continents.

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