Learning Path: Canvas: Create Amazing Courses with Canvas

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Understand how Canvas works for many different applications
Get familiar with Canvas and collaborative activities for academic applications
Learn to use Canvas for event planning and for building a product with distributed team members
Know how to collaborate to demonstrate learning goals and compliance
Understand how to incorporate multimedia
Learn to use Canvas social media features
See different forms of assessment in Canvas
О курсе

Are you a manager who wants to plan and manage projects with Canvas for your organization? Are you a Professor or a trainer who wishes to create courses with the help of Canvas for your academic institution? If yes, this Learning Path is for you.

Canvas is both a learning management solution and a virtual learning environment that has been adopted by organizations of all kinds. Its flexibility and ease of use are unparalleled, and it has proved especially useful in situations where collaboration between individuals and in groups, with feedback on many different levels, is a must.

Canvas can be summarized as:

Adaptable. 21st Century LMS.  Reliable. Customizable. Easy to use.

This Learning Path begins with making your familiar with the collaborative learning environments. Then, you will learn how to use Canvas for collaboration in your organizations, academic institutions, companies, and distributed teams that come together for a defined purpose such as building a product, fund-raising, or planning an event. Then, you will learn the basics of creating courses in Canvas. Also, you will understand the course materials required for a course. Moving ahead, you will learn to build student activities and assessments. Finally, you’ll learn collaborative learning for group projects and event planning.

By the end of this Learning Path, you will have a strong understanding of collaborative learning with Canvas and will be able to create, plan, and manage amazing courses, products, and events using it.

About The Author

Susan Smith Nash is involved in the design, development, and administration of e-learning and m-learning programs for learners pursuing degrees, certification, credentialing, and professional development. Her current research interests include the effective design of competency-based education, knowledge management, knowledge transfer, and leadership. Her articles and columns have appeared in magazines and refereed journals. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma, and in addition to e-learning, Nash has also been involved in international economic development training, interdisciplinary studies, interdisciplinary petroleum geosciences programs, and sustainable business and career training. 

The Course Overview
This video gives an overview of the entire course.
Overview of Collaborative Learning Environments
This video introduces you to Canvas and collaboration. It also defines collaboration.
Learning Advantages of Collaboration
Demonstrate how Canvas uniquely supports learning through collaboration.
Creating Learning Outcomes in Canvas
Building learning outcomes in Canvas and how to tie them to specific collaborative assessments and activities. Learning outcomes for effective course design.
Discussion Boards in Canvas
This unit shows you how Discussion Boards work in Canvas and how they can be set up for collaborations.
Wikis in Canvas
This unit explains wikis, how they are used to collaborate, and how people learn by working together to create wikis.
Collaborative Presentations in Canvas
This unit shows you how to create collaborative presentation in Canvas.
Collaborations and Learning Objectives – In-Depths
This unit explains how to optimize the learning experience by building excellent learning objectives.
Discussion Board
Recognize the uses of discussion boards in Canvas, how to use discussion boards to optimize collaboration, and how to set up up collaborative prompts.
Setting Up a Wiki in Canvas
How to take advantage of the unique attributes of a wiki with Canvas, how wikis work, and how to set them up in Canvas?
Using Google Docs in Canvas
How to set up an account in Google and use Google Docs and using it within Canvas?
  • Prior knowledge of Canvas would be beneficial
  • A modern browser
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