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Learn to make music with a handsaw! Two-time world champion of the musical saw Caroline McCaskey will show you how to create beautiful melodies on the saw, even if you don't play any other instrument! Get out to the garage, dust off the saw, and let's make some music! (Oh, and please be careful; it's sharp.)

Choosing a Saw
In this lecture, students will learn some differences between a hardware store saw and a musical saw, and what features make a saw a good choice for playing music.
Other Equipment
In this lecture, students will learn what other equipment they will need, or might find handy, to help them play their saw.
In this lecture, students will learn how to care for their saw and bow.
The Physics of Saw
In this lecture, students will learn how a saw makes sound. They will also see a demonstration of how a saw creates sound waves.
Playing with a Mallet
Pick out notes and simple tunes using a mallet
How to Hold the Saw and Make a Sound with a Mallet
In this lecture, students will learn how to hold the saw, and how to makes notes on the saw using a mallet.
In this lecture, students will learn what to do if they are having trouble getting the saw to make music.
Ear Training with the Mallet
In this lecture, students will participate in an ear training exercise, in which they will try to match their notes with the instructor's.
Mary Had a Little Lamb
In this lecture, students will learn how to play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on the musical saw. Sheet music and a play-along track accompany this lecture.
Playing with a Bow
Pick out notes and simple tunes using a bow
How to Make a Sound With a Bow
In this lecture, students will learn how to play the saw using a bow.
  • Students will need: a handsaw
  • a rubber mallet (the handle of something is fine, or a bouncy ball on a dowel)
  • a bow for a violin, viola, cello or bass
Что Вы изучите?
  • Musical Saw
Caroline McCaskey
Caroline McCaskey
Violin, Fiddle and Piano Instructor; Founder of AltStrings

In demand as both a teacher and performer, Caroline spends her weekdays teaching Suzuki violin and fiddle in the San Francisco Bay Area. Weekends find her gigging with the contra dance band StringFire! and making YouTube videos playing the musical saw. She is the founder of AltStrings, LLC, which strives to make non-classical string instrument education accessible to classical musicians and students everywhere through books, sheet music, videos, and scholarships.

Caroline grew up playing the fiddle with the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers, and has been involved teaching at Fiddlekids Day Camp for over a decade. She also teaches cello and musical saw at Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp. She is the author of "How to Read Bass Clef on the Piano: A Musician's Guide and Workbook for the Left Hand" available through Hal Leonard.

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