Learn To Play Classic Iron Maiden - Guitar Lessons Part 1

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How To Play 5 Classic Songs By Iron Maiden
Note By Note instruction of each song including guitar solos.
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Learn five Iron Maiden tracks note for note with Geoff Sinker. This superb course teaches you some of the best guitar riffs and solos from these monsters of heavy metal heavy metal!

Tracks included

Fear Of The Dark - Fear Of The Dark

Wasting Love - Fear Of The Dark

Be Quick Or Be Dead - Fear Of The Dark

Caught Somewhere In Time - Somewhere In Time

The Wicker Man - Brave New World

All lessons come with tabs, Backing track and Guitar Pro files

When creating this course I decided that I was not going to do a course with the more popular songs by Iron Maiden. Songs like Number Of The Beast, The Trooper, and 2 Minutes To Midnight have already been covered many time. So I decided to look at a number of song that have been requested by subscribers to my website, and songs that I personally like and enjoy to play.

Each of the songs come with a note by note lesson covering the main guitar parts of the song. Then I i have covered the guitar solos.

I have also included all the tablature for the songs in PDF. Each song also includes Guitar Pro 7 files in zip format for you to download and use.

Finally I have included backing tracks that I have created and used in the song lessons. These backing tracks have drum and bass guitar versions and also version where I include the guitar parts played by either Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, and Janick Gers. So you can take on the role of your favorite guitarist.

I would suggest an intermediate level of playing for this course to tackle the guitar solos, but beginner to intermediate would be ok playing many of the song lessons.

Please don not hesitate to contact me with comments and questions. You will notice this is part 1 I am already working on part 2 and I would love to hear from you for ideas for the next courses.

Have fun and enjoy the course.

Up the Irons!!

Fear Of The Dark Main Guitar Lesson
How to play Fear Of The Dark by Iron Maiden.
The lesson covers all the main guitar parts performed by Dave Murray & Janick Gers. The tabs for each part are also included and also the backing track so you can play along once you have learned the parts.
Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden. Written by Steve Harris, it serves as the title track to Iron Maiden's 1992 album Fear of the Dark.
The single "Fear of the Dark (live)" is the 26th single released by the band.
This live version of the song (as well as the live versions of "Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter", "Be Quick or Be Dead", and "Tailgunner") are taken from the live album A Real Live One. The single reached number 8 in the UK charts. The live version of "Hooks in You" was recorded at the Wembley Arena, London, UK on 17 December 1990. The initial pressing of the 7" cut-to-shape vinyl picture disc listed "Hooks in You" as the B-side but actually played "Tailgunner". This mis-press was quickly corrected by EMI on future pressings.
Fear Of The Dark Guitar Solo Lesson
In this lesson you will learn how to play the solos performed by Janick Gers and Dave Murray.
Wasting Love Main Guitar Lesson
How to play Wasting Love by Iron Maiden.
The lesson covers all the main guitar parts performed by Dave Murray & Adrian Smith. The tabs for each part are also included and also the backing track so you can play along once you have learned the parts.
Wasting Love by Iron Maiden. It is the third single from their ninth studio album, Fear of the Dark, released in 1992.
The song was a collaboration of singer Bruce Dickinson, and guitarist Janick Gers.
The single was only officially released in the Netherlands, although different one-track promotional CDs exist, one for U.S. radio stations and another for Spain, which had the only vinyl version of the single.
The single cover is the third Iron Maiden single not to feature the band's iconic mascot Eddie on the front cover (the previous examples being "Running Free (live)" and "From Here to Eternity"). The cover photo alludes to the music video, which portrays a man tattooing the names of women all over his body. The song's video was directed by Samuel Bayer.
The guitar solo in "Wasting Love" is played by Janick Gers.
Wasting Love Guitar Solo Lesson
In the lesson you will learn how to play the guitar solo performed by Janick Gers.
Be Quick Or Be Dead Main Guitar Lesson
Learn how to play Be Quick Or Be Dead by Iron Maiden
The lessons covers all the guitar sections performed by Dave Murray and Janick Gers.
Be Quick or Be Dead by Iron Maiden, released as the first single release from their ninth studio album Fear of the Dark, released in 1992.
The song is about several political scandals taking place at the time of its release, including the Robert Maxwell banking scandal, European stock market crashes, and the BCCI case.It was released a month prior to the album and reached No. 2 on the UK singles chart. The song is faster and heavier than most Iron Maiden songs, and is the band's first single co-written by Janick Gers.
The B-side features two official songs and one hidden track, including an original blues number ("Nodding Donkey Blues") and Montrose cover ("Space Station No. 5"), and the unlisted "Bayswater Ain't a Bad Place to Be".
The last is a spoken word comedy piece by Bruce Dickinson (along with acoustic guitar accompaniment from Janick Gers) in which he imitates and makes fun of Maiden manager Rod Smallwood. A similar mockery of Smallwood was released before, as a B-side titled "Sheriff of Huddersfield", which was available on the "Wasted Years" single.
Be Quick Or Be Dead Guitar Solo Lesson
This learns shows you how to play the guitar solo performed by Janick Gers and Dave Murray.
  • It would be an advantage if students have Guitar Pro
Geoff Sinker
Geoff Sinker
Professional Guitar Teacher
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