Learn to Create Pixel Art for your Games

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This course teaches the basics for creating video game pixel art. Students will learn about shapes, values, edges, color theory, creating a basic palette, and animation.

If you are new to art or pixel art and want to create better art for your indie games then this course is for you.

It will take roughly 8 hours to complete this course.

This course contains step by step video lectures, quizzes for important section information, and challenges to help students improve their pixel art outside of the video lectures. Practice is key in art and you will get a good amount of practice as you complete this course.

This course will strengthen your foundations in art and pixel art. It will build your confidence in your art and give you the information you need to continue improving your pixel art even after completing the course.


You will become familiar with the instructor and the course structure.

Piskel Image Editor

You will be able to run and navigate the free pixel art editor: Piskel.

First Creation
You will understand how to create pixel art using some simple techniques and Piskel.
Pixel Art Programs Used in this Course
You will learn about the different pixel art programs used in this course and will we able to choose from some other pixel art programs as well.
Pixel Art Program List
You will have access to a list of popular pixel art editors.
Shapes, Values, and Edges: The Building Blocks of Art
Students will be able to identify shapes, values, and edges in any piece of artwork.
You will be able to understand the important role that shapes play in pixel art.
You will be able to understand the important role that values play in pixel art.
You will be able to understand the important role that edges play in pixel art.
Students will be able to create their own complex shapes using basic shapes and negative space.
Using Basic Shapes
You will be able to use basic shapes to create more complex shapes. Using this technique you can create any shape.
Cleaning Up Your Shapes
You will be able to clean the rough shapes created from your basic shapes. This will solidify your complex shapes and hide the fact that they were created from simple basic shapes.
  • Students will need access to a computer and the internet
Что Вы изучите?
  • Use shapes, values, and edges to create form
  • Create a basic palette using color theory
  • Animate their art using key frames, big motions, little motions, and motion blurs
Benjamin Anderson
Benjamin Anderson
Game Maker, Game Designer, GameMaker User, and Teacher

I'm dedicated to turning my students into game developers. Teaching game development is my passion and my full time job. My courses are positive, relaxing, and jam-packed with information. If you are a young, aspiring, indie developer, you are in the right place!

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