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  • Last updated June 15, 2018
  • ¡Hola! Hello! 

Welcome to the course! I hope you are ready for super engaging lectures, lots of useful vocabulary, and helpful tips and advice to help you on your language-learning journey! 

Let me introduce myself:

I'm your instructor, Josh. I'm a real person who really wants to see you succeed. In fact, many years ago, I started EXACTLY where most of you are now. I had a strong desire to learn Spanish. I saw how useful it was in everyday life but I also wanted to learn at my own pace and from an instructor who knew what he/she was talking about. 

Over time, I practiced regularly to perfect my Spanish skills. I found that I loved speaking Spanish so much that I wanted to teach others as well. So, that is exactly what I did.

I have been teaching Spanish at different colleges and universities for almost a decade now. I love every minute of teaching and have recently expanded my teaching to Udemy.

So, who did I make this course for? 

This course is designed for those who want to learn basic vocabulary and useful phrases in Spanish. There are no prerequisites for this class.all you need is a computer and internet access! 

Don't worry! You will get the most ESSENTIAL lectures that truly help you learn Spanish in no time at all! 

I have even added PDF vocabulary list attachments to most lesson, so that you can have a printable resource for yourself. (Don't want to print the PDF files? You can also download the study lists and add them to a folder on your desktop!)

But, that's not all! I created fun (and short) multiple-choice quizzes throughout the course to test your knowledge of the vocabulary and phrases you learned in the lessons. I really want you to succeed!

Sign up and start learning Spanish today! 

Within a few minutes of starting the course you will be able to say your first phrases in a new language!

You've always wanted to learn a new language. The time is now.let's do it!!

Welcome to the Course!
Introduction - Meet the instructor and learn how the course works
¡Hola!Welcome to the class!I am so excited that you have chosen to learn Spanish with us! My name is Professor Josh Sanderson and I am the instructor for this course. I have been practicing and teaching Spanish for more than a decade. I want to share everything I know about basic Spanish with other people passionate about the language. I want to help you reach your Spanish-language goals. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have. First and foremost, this course is all about learning the essentials of Spanish. We focus a lot on common phrases used, pronunciation and vocabulary. Don't worry! The course is NOT grammar intensive, but you will get the key and most important grammar tidbits throughout. The end goal is for you to be able to speak and also understand basic Spanish.What makes my course unique:
  1. Each topic is presented in a high-definition video format with engaging animated videos. 
  2. We get right to the heart of the content, so you do not have to deal with tedious and useless chatter.
  3. I do not rely on boring screencasts as my main method of teaching. I have spent countless hours editing and producing my lessons for you. I believe in quality over quantity, with a spice of fun. You'll see!
  4. I include PDF vocabulary lists for each and every lesson
  5. I include short and fun quizzes to test how much you learned from the lesson!

Let's get started!
Greetings & Goodbyes
Greetings & Goodbyes - Learn your first phrases in Spanish!
Greeting and goodbyes are SUPER important to learn.
Imagine not knowing how to say "hello" to someone who only speaks Spanish! No fear, I will teach you exactly what you need know to instantly impress someone who speaks Spanish.Watch this lesson to learn:
  1. How to say hello and goodbye
  2. How to introduce yourself and also ask someone their name
  3. How to say where you are from and ask someone where he/she is from
  4. How to say how you are and ask someone how they are
After the lesson, download the attached PDF file for future reference and for extra practice!Let's get started!
Quiz - Greetings & Goodbyes
¡Hola!¿Cómo estás? You've just learned your first phrases in Spanish....great job!Now test your knowledge of the greetings and goodbyes with this quiz.Let's do it!
Practice Conversations Video Greetings & Goodbyes
This fun and animated video will give you even MORE practice. Practice makes perfect, right?If you keep this up, you are going to be a Spanish pro in no time!
Assignment: Greetings and basic vocabulary
Practice Activties
Let's practice what we have learned!
Pronunciation Tips
Wouldn't it be great to sound like a native Spanish speaker? Get ready! In this lesson, I will teach you the basics of vowel pronunciation in Spanish and get you headed in the right direction. This video is fun and easy-to-follow! (You will need to practice saying these vowels out loud, so make sure you aren't watching this in a library!)

Consonants are super important! The great thing about consonants in Spanish, is that they are pretty similar to those in English. We aren't going to focus too much on the consonants that are pronounced the same in English as they are in Spanish, why? You already know them!  This video is all about learning the consonants that are different in Spanish. I will give you a bunch of examples and practice. You will be a pro in no time!
Nouns & Articles
  • The course starts from the very basics.....no previous Spanish experience required!
Что Вы изучите?
  • Speak and understand Spanish
  • Learn conversational phrases in Spanish
  • Start using basic Spanish phrases within minutes of starting the course
  • Learn to count in Spanish
  • Learn to wish your friends a Happy Birthday in Spanish
  • Order food in Spanish at a Hispanic restaurant
  • Tell time in Spanish
  • Talk about the weather in Spanish
  • Use colors in Spanish to describe objects you see
  • Identify parts of the body in Spanish
  • Create original sentences in Spanish
Joshua Sanderson
Joshua Sanderson
World Traveler and Spanish Instructor

Hola, Udemy!

My name is Josh! Welcome to the best online learning platform! 

I use Udemy to teach Spanish and help my students succeed. In my everyday life, I am a university Spanish instructor. I love learning languages and I especially love to teach them. I have a decade of Spanish teaching experience.  I have taught over 5,000 students from more than 125 countries. 

Check out my course!


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