Курс Learn Python: Python for Beginners

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Do you want to become a programmer?

Do you want to be able to create games, work with files, manipulate data, and much more?

If you want to learn programming or are learning Python for the first time, then you've come to the right place!

Python is a powerful, modern programming language that has the capabilities required for experienced programmers, while being easy enough for beginners to learn. Python is a well-developed, stable, and fun programming language that is suitable for complex and simple development projects. Programmers love Python because of how simple and easy it is to use.

This course has everything you need to get started with Python. We'll first start with the basics of Python - learning about strings, variables, and data types. Then, we'll move on to loops and conditionals. Once we're done with that, we'll learn about functions and files in Python. All of this will culminate towards building a fun game using the concepts we've learned in Python. The entire course is filled with exercises that challenge you so that you get the best experience possible.

I hope you're excited to dive into Python with this course. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Getting Started
Install Python and create your first Python program
We'll talk about what we're covering in this course.
Install Python
We go through the Windows installation process for Python.
About Python
Hello World

We're going to create our first Python program.

The Basics
Understand basic syntax and types in Python.
Basic Syntax
We cover the basics of how Python works.
We're going to learn about basic variables and work with them.
We're going to cover the string datatype, as well as some of it's basic operations.
We cover the basics of lists as well as some of its operations.
Learn how to map (key, value) pairs using dictionaries in Python, and why the'y're useful.

We're going to go over how Tuples work, as well as some of the basic things we can do with them.

  • Internet Connection
  • Mac OSX or PC with Windows Vista or Newer or Linux
Что Вы изучите?
  • Create fully functional Python programs
  • Understand user input
  • Learn about loop structures and conditionals
  • Correctly execute operations in Python
  • Work with Python file handling
  • Create and modify data structures in Python
  • Manipulate strings and data
Abrar Hussain
Abrar Hussain
Programmer, Student

Hi, I'm Abrar! I'm a student at the University of Toronto with a passion for programming.

I started learning about programming through the Stanford Engineering Everywhere program years ago, where I worked through the multiple available courses. After that, I dedicated myself towards learning Python and other programming languages so that I could build applications that are useful to people.

I'm spending most of my time off of this platform, so if you have a question that I haven't responded to on the board, feel free to message me through the other channels.

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