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This online video course will teach you simple and powerful techniques to read, write, sing and play music rhythms found in music scores. The course contains detailed explanations, musical dictations, practice exercises & progress tests designed to help you save time, money and make learning music rhythms easier. 


* Anyone who plays an instrument 

* Musicians interested in learning to read music scores 

* Songwriters & Composers interested in sharing their musical ideas with musicians who read music 

* Teachers to have new teaching material for classes


* Suitable for all instruments and ages 

* Control the speed at which you learn with lifetime access to the course 

* Accessible anytime on mobile or desktop with an internet connection


* Share or gift this course to musicians, students, teachers and music lovers 

1. Finding The One with Roach
In this lesson Seth will teach you the importance of finding the one in music. He will run you through some examples to help you to understand how to find the one and count the beats.
2. Whole, Half & Quarter Note
In this lesson you will learn how to sing and count the duration of a whole, half and quarter note and their rest counterparts. You will be given a bunch of examples on how to verbalise each of these rhythms and how to mix them up.
3. Introduction To Rhythmic Clichés
Seth will introduce the concept of rhythmic clichés and test your knowledge by singing various rhythms using previously learned clichés. Your task is to identify what types of notes he is using.
4. How To Do Your Musical Dictations
In this lesson Seth will be give you a musical dictation where he will sing a rhythm and you have to write down the musical notation of what you hear. This lesson shows what you can expect for future musical dictations.
5. Musical Dictation 1 - Whole, Half, Quarter
Get a pen and paper ready to try the 5 musical dictation exercises mixing up whole, half, quarter notes and their rest counterparts.
6. How To Do Homework
In this lesson Seth will walk you through how to do the homework exercises provided in this course illustrating how to sing and play the exercises with your voice and instrument.
7. Homework 1 - Whole, Half & Quarter Notes Test
Get ready to sing and play 10 exercises of whole, half and quarter notes.
8. Syncing Hand & Foot for Whole, Half & Quarter Notes
In this lesson Seth will teach you some fundamental basics on how you can sync your hands and feet to play in time with whole, half and quarter notes. Try the homework 1 again after watching this video and try to tap your foot and play.
9. 1 Beat 8th Note Clichés
This lesson will discuss what are the typical 8th note clichés and Seth will show you how to count these eigth notes as 1 beat clichés.
10. Musical Dictation 2 – Quarter, Half, Rests, 8th Notes
This dictation will train you to write quarter rest, half rest, quarter notes, half notes and 8th notes. Seth will first teach you with 2 examples on how to listen and write these notes. Get a pen and paper ready to do 7 exercises.
  • Pen & Paper
  • Any instrument
Что Вы изучите?
  • Read, write, sing & play the rhythms found in music scores and their rests
  • Understand measure, bar, staff & common terminology
  • Sync playing hands and feet with the various rhythms taught
  • Learn from 53 videos averaging 8 mins a video
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