Learn How to Create Awesome Online Courses (2020)

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CREATE AWESOME COURSES. Learn to build high quality courses on a low budget with no prior experience.
SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE. Connect with students around the world ready to be taught by you.
EARN PASSIVE INCOME. Make real money on a regular basis selling awesome courses you create.
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Education is changing. Talented individuals from all over the world are using little more than their smartphones to create, share and sell courses. Over 20,000 instructors have published a course on Udemy to easily connect with over 9,000,000 eager students willing to pay to learn. Others are building companies around their courses, quitting their day jobs and spending their time educating others.

Be it cooking, yoga, photography, programming or business, everyone is an expert in something. With equal portions know-how and elbow grease, you could start selling courses online – converting your expertise into passive income.


This course was developed to provide aspiring instructors the knowledge and tools needed to create and grow successful online courses. It consists of a growing number of video courses that walk students through every step needed to affordably launch an online course.

  • PREPARATION: Understand what to consider before you start recording, and gather the necessary equipment (most of which you already own)!
  • PRODUCTION: Learn the terminology and steps needed to create an awesome course, from drafting a course outline to exporting the final videos.
  • PUBLICATION: Discover the best places to publish or host your content. Give your course a catchy title and a price that converts the most students.
  • PROMOTION: Master the many different ways to promote your course to target audiences, and learn how to keep your students engaged.
  • The course covers essential skills like:

    • Course Topics. Learn to pick the most profitable course topics.
    • Market Validation. Learn to find and analyze competitive courses.
    • Screencasts. Record computer screens using simple software.
    • Video Editing. Learn the basics of using video editing software.
    • Course Pricing. Understand how to effectively price your course.
    • Sales Pages. Build landing pages that convert tons of students.
    • SEO & SEM. Optimize your course website for search engines.
    • Email Marketing. Draft emails to convert and engage your students.
    • Social Media. Use social media networks to promote your course.


    • “Evan shows you how to do what needs to be done, tells you why…and shows everything in an easy to understand order.” - Gregory Young
    • “Evan made what seemed to be an almost impossible thing for me to learn and made it so simple and well explained.” - Darren Smart
    • “Evan delivers what is promised and is an excellent instructor…so there’s no opportunity to check out mentally.” - Robert Smith
    We will return to your regularly scheduled programming after a word from our sponsors. I want to introduce myself before getting to the nitty-gritty!
    Prepare Your Course
    Getting-ready requirements to create your course and the things to consider beforehand. Taking you from zero to the needed equipment.
    Brainstorm Your Course Topic
    The first step in the course creation process is to brainstorm a course topic. You may already have an idea in mind, but there are a few important things you should consider.
    Validate Your Course Topic
    Once you have a seed list of course topics, it’s time for a bit of market validation. I’ll show you how to analyze your competition and confirm that students will be willing to buy.
    Select a Lecture Format
    With a valid course topic in hand, you can start thinking about production. In this video, I’ll go over the different lecture formats and when they’re most effective.
    Gather the Necessary Equipment
    The final step when preparing to create a course is to acquire the needed software and hardware. I’ll give you an idea of what you need and recommend my favorite stuff.
    Produce Your Course
    An explanation of the steps and terminology needed to create your course. Taking you from course outline to final videos.
    Create Your Full Course Outline
    It’s time to build out your course by organizing the curriculum in a course outline. I’ll provide examples and explain a few important things to consider.
    Write Killer Video Scripts
    For the most polished videos, I recommend scripting each of your lectures. In this video, I’ll give you the lowdown on how to write killer video scripts.
    Use PowerPoint to Create Presentations and Animations
    Creating presentations and mastering the use of animations in PowerPoint is an affordable way to make professional videos. I’ll walk you through my technique.
    Record Screencasts
    Most online courses include some amount of screencasts. I’ll demonstrate how to properly screencast with a few of my favorite (and affordable) software options.
    • There are no software or hardware requirements for enrolling in the course, besides any device and a high-speed Internet connection. The course consists of specific equipment recommendations for creating your own courses.
    Evan VanDerwerker
    Evan VanDerwerker
    Creator of Instructory
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