Learn guitar With The One Chord Method

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Know and apply the one chord method
Play any major in minor chords
Figure out different options for each chord
Go through a chord chart and understand what it means
Figure out the chord progression for (almost) any song
О курсе

This course goes through a unique system for playing the guitar. The one-chord method. Using only one chord, you can learn to play almost any song. As a teacher of guitar I have spent much time gradually figuring out this simple system, which will allow you to learn songs quicker, and easier than ever before.

Learn The Only Chord You'll Ever Need

  • Understand the one-chord method
  • Apply it to find any major or minor chord
  • Find the chords from the songs that you love
  • Play hundreds of famous songs - all with only one chord

Never worry about memorizing chord charts again.

Using this method, the world of music can open up to you. There are easily thousands of songs that can be leaned using this simple system. Once you have mastered the one chord system you can go out and confidently tackle whatever songs that you may wish to play. People that can quickly and easily play any chord have a great advantage playing in bands, or as solo performers.

We start from the basics of getting the fingers moving easily and independently. From there we start to work on developing the only chord that you need to know. We do this by working up to it in several steps - gradually building up the strength and ability to play the entire chord cleanly. You will apply the one-chord as you go, working through a few examples of songs and using the chord to figure them out.

Once you have the system mastered, we examine the one-chord with a critical eye and uncover some of the weaknesses of the system. From understanding the weaknesses, we will add two small modifications to the system, which will unlock huge possibilities in your choice of how to play a song. Having these choices allows you to take a song and play it in the way that you want.

You will walk away from this course with only one chord. But, more importantly, the knowledge to use this one chord to play thousands of songs.

The basic basics
Understand the one chord method and start getting the fingers moving
What is the one chord method? Is it really possible to learn to play any song with only one chord? Yes it is! This video gives a brief overview of the one chord method and it can be used.
Using the left hand
Learn how to grip the notes correctly so that you can get a good sound out of your guitar. Learn the 3 rules for ensuring great tone.
Using the right hand
Now that the left hand is moving nicely, learn how to use the right hand with a guitar pick in the optimal way.
The guitar fretboard
There are a lot of frets and strings on the guitar - which means that there are a lot of places to put your fingers! This video enlightens you about finding and naming the notes across the fretboard.
Major and minor
To begin with, we will explore two different chord types - major and minor. These two chords have different sound and its important to be able to tell them apart.
The one chord method
The student will step by step learn how to construct the one chord
One note
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step... To play chords with all 4 fingers, we must first be able to play a chord with only one finger.
Two notes
Step two of five. Adding in a second note. These types of two note chords are called 5th chords, and learning them is the next step in mastering the one chord method.
Two notes again
Step three of five. This lesson is similar to the previous except that the extra note added is a different one. These create a two note chord known as an octave.
Three notes
Step four of five. The lesson combines the two previous lessons. We place all three of the notes we've practiced so far at the same time - creating a three note chord known as a power chord.
Four notes
Step five of five. By adding in one final note we complete the one chord. With this one chord shape, you can play any major or minor chord that you might need - pretty neat!
  • Have the urge to learn to play guitar
Johan van Rooyen
Johan van Rooyen
Music Instructor
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