Learn German for Beginners:An Immersive Language Journey A1+

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In this course your teacher Sonja will guide you through important Grammar and lots of words and example phrases, all nicely visualised by colourful and animated texts and icons. 

  • Interactive Role Play Tasks: Here you will face multiple real-world challenges where you get the chance to build sentences, using commonly used phrases and expressions, in order to hold up a conversation. 
  • Personal Teacher Feedback: Ask any German related questions and your teacher will reply to them personally.
  • A personal journal: Practice vocabulary and learn new words by filling in the gaps in your Germanix travel journey entries. Guided solutions and explanations of sentence structure are provided.
  • Small quizzes and exercises: These are for easy and quick repetition and check-up on what you've retained.
  • A fellow student: Bosco, your class mate, who is in fact a real student, will learn at the same time with you and ask questions you might also have. 
  • Travel videos: After completion of the course, you will see your teacher in a more personal environment showing you around the amazing city of Berlin and giving advice on different travel or language related topics. 

With this German language course you will jump in at the deep end of language learning and the amount of content covered will be enormous. It has been designed in a way to stray away from standard language teaching, by making it interactive, entertaining and simply realistic. This course is suitable for complete beginners as well as people with already some knowledge of German. To make your journey really exciting, you will follow a storyline throughout the course and enjoy many complementary extras. 

This course will be constantly updated and expanded and you can contact your teacher any time if you have questions or need further clarification or even if you have built some sentences and want them checked.
Let's make language learning fun and exciting. Enjoy your virtual exposure and jump right in! :)

Your language journey on Germanix - Section 1
You are now on board the SkyTrain which is taking you to SkyHotel, the place where your first German lesson is soon going to begin. You will be greeted by your teacher Sonja who will give you a brief introductionabout the course.Relax and enjoy the ride!
Lesson 01 - Greetings
This is your first lesson, in which you will learn many basic German greetings as well as how to say yes and no.
Lesson 02 - Alphabet
In this lesson we will go through the basic alphabet, going into detail on the particular pronunciation of single letters, comparing it with and distinguishing it from the English language. Learning the correct pronunciation of letters, sounds and words is a vital step in early language learning and will help you a lot throughout your linguistic journey.
Lesson 03 - Letter Combinations
And here is another important lesson about the German alphabet.This time you will be taught all the common letter combinations in the German language to get you to confidently pronounce any German word, even the famously long ones or words you have never seen or heard before.
Pronunciation Quiz: CH - hard or soft?
Decide whether the CH is a soft or a hard sound in the following words. Feel free to already learn the newly introduced words. 
(Discussion) Common mistakes on pronunciation
Here we allow you to eavesdrop on a little pronunciation discussion between Sonja and your fellow student Bosco.
(Practice) Pronunciation Training 1
(Practice) Pronunciation Training 2
Lesson 04 - Personal Pronouns
You will learn personal pronouns as well as the verbs "have" and "be". This enables you to build your first simple sentences.
(Exercises) Choose the correct personal pronouns
Choose the right personal pronoun and write it into the gap.
Lesson 05 - Asking Questions
You will learn all the important German question words, the so called W-Wörter. You will be able to ask simple questions that are very useful for first time meetings with strangers whom you want to know more about.
  • This course is taught through the medium of English. You need a fairly good English proficiency in order to truly benefit from the course. If you are a beginner in English, you will inevitably struggle to keep up with the teaching.
  • You need a computer or mobile phone with functioning video and audio as well as a stable internet connection.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Students will have a basic understanding of the German language. They will know most of the important grammar as well as many words and ready-made sentences for confident usage.
Germanix Learning
Germanix Learning
e-Learning design and production

Germanix Learning focuses on developing gamified language learning experiences which are immersive, story-driven and entertaining. 

Learning a new language is a long journey. While not everyone has the luxury to travel to other countries to experience language immersion, a simulated journey would be a good substitution where learners can immerse themselves in an adventure with the objective of practicing real life situations and challenges.
This leads to a more engaged learning experience that facilitates better knowledge retention.

Sonja Çeven
Sonja Çeven
Foreign Language Teacher

I am a professional foreign language teacher, specialising in my mother tongue German. I have had the pleasure of teaching in different countries and have worked with students of many different nationalities. I myself have successfully learned several foreign languages on my own from zero to a fluent level and therefore can feel with my students and understand very well where they might struggle. Over the years I think I have figured out some ways how to best learn a foreign language, no matter what level one is at. In my online courses I am trying to implement these personal experiences and tricks in order to give my students a very different learning experience compared to what they might probably be used to. 

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
Researcher, Consultant, Coach, Trainer

" It is not about how complex is the topic we wish to learn (or the skills we would like to develop) but how we learn it, which method we utilize, and if our whole potential is involved. e-Learning is a wonderful field in which a good self-education method, powerful multi channel learning materials and qualified trainers with coaching skills and tools can produce a digital learning experience as affective and advanced as classroom and experiential training"

" Education and self-education combined in a e-learning program create both: a learning process and the enhancement of Matrix-Q Intelligent Quotient of the student.

Matrix-Quotient of Intelligence sign the individual or collective ability to solve challenges by approaching them from several perspectives simultaneously. Matrix-Q Intelligence is natural in human individuals but needs to be triggered and trained through experiences and challenges.

I do believe that by providing well designed challenges, the learning process can be enhanced, as well as new skills developed. To learn by doing, playing, simulating challenges or developing projects is very effective path for learning, which reduces the time necessary for achieving goals" 

I am a trainer since 1993, my focus is on experiential training. Along 1997-2017 i have developed novel methods and algorithms for education and self-education i do now utilize for the design of e-learning programs as trainer and as consultant. [ Matrix-Q Education, Matrix-Q Intelligence, Matrix-Q Brain GYM methods which help students learn and also advance their skills and Matrix-Q of Intelligence] 

Knowledge, skills and information transfer is essential for personal, professional, culture and business development. 

As a Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Researcher in fields: Strategic Management, Leadership, Effectiveness, Family-Life-Work Balance, Education, Gamification, Sustainable Development i experience that an effective method (as Matrix-Q Education) is a necessary tool.

As consultant i also support Start ups, SDG Entrepreneurs, and trainers with Matrix-Q Algorithms and a Business Incubation Program Online for which e-learning programs production is necessary.

I have also several years experience (2000-2017) as researcher and trainer in the field communication, languages and culture. How we learn languages is a good example on how we learn in general any kind of topic. If a good method is utilized for learning a language, the student not only will communicate and perceive the world through the eyes of a new culture, but also advance own natural skills for learning in general. The Matrix-Q Education method i have developed would help language trainers as well, advance the quality of their e-learning materials production and effectiveness of their e-learning programs. As surplus, their students will enhance their ability for learning, self-education, and Matrix-Q Intelligence. To learn a new language is also an ideal path to enhance own intelligence, develop soft skills, communication and cultural understanding, in general to perceive and interact with the world from other perspectives.  For citizens of a multicultural global culture, it would be helpful every one learn at least 3 languages.

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