Learn about Python and Blockchain: The Complete Guide!

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Learn about digital ledgers and transactions like money transfers.
Understand how Blockchains are structured through block mining.
Understand the advantages of Blockchain (such as increased security through cryptography.)
Compare Ethereum vs Bitcoin Blockchain and their cryptocurrency.
Code from scratch in the Solidity programming language.
Build a voting app with data stored on the blockchain.
О курсе

Create Blockchain projects with the Solidity language. This course was funded by a #1 Kickstarter Project by Mammoth Interactive. Enroll now to:

  • Download Python and learn with examples
  • Use machine learning algorithms
  • Become a blockchain developer
  • Handle blockchain transactions
  • Code in Solidity
  • Build web apps that run on a blockchain

Do you want to build your first decentralized app today? This course is for you.

Build your first decentralized project today. Learn to store data and transactions on the blockchain. Enroll in this ultimate guide and get the competitive edge in any field.

Part 1: Introduction to Blockchains

  • Define 'blockchain.'
  • Learn about digital ledgers and transactions like money transfers.
  • Understand the peer to peer network.
  • Define ‘decentralization.’
  • Understand how Blockchains are structured through block mining.
  • And more!

In Part 1 you will understand the advantages of Blockchain (such as increased security through cryptography.) We use practical examples to explain each concept, to help you understand topics like how Blockchain can be used to prevent forgeries.

You will watch slides and animations explaining how blockchains work. Sit back and relax as expert Mammoth Interactive instructor Nimish Narang leads you through step by step.

Part 2: Introduction to Decentralized Apps

  • Learn how decentralized apps work, and how they're different from regular web apps.
  • Understand the Blockchain to generate Ether.
  • Compare Ethereum vs Bitcoin Blockchain and their cryptocurrency.
  • List the benefits of Ethereum for transactions.

In Part 2 you will understand examples of decentralized apps for the virtual world. You’ll learn how D-apps perform data fetch, data addition and data modification. You will learn what determines the cost of a transaction, which is valuable for when we start building a project.

You'll be able to recognize smart contracts. These are similar to classes in object-oriented languages.

Part 3: Solidity Language Basics

Solidity is a fairly rudimentary language that takes bits and pieces from other programming languages. It is easy to use because it's so simple, though it has less functionality. You will become an expert on the basics and key uses that will make you fluent in Solidity.

  • Declare common variable types of Solidity.
  • Build real-world examples of arrays.
  • Use functions to perform practical actions you will see in many projects.
  • And much more.

You will build arrays for operations, storage, and memory. And much more in this huge Mammoth Interactive course. You will create structs, mappings, messages, and contracts. Each topic will be explained step by step for anyone. No prior coding experience is needed.

Part 4: Build a Decentralized App

  • Build a simple decentralized voting app.
  • Implement a smart contract.
  • Build an app interface using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
  • Add unique functions like casting votes and announcing the election winner.

In Part 4 of this Mammoth course, you will build a complete app from zero to hero. You will be able to solve errors that can occur when you work as a programmer. You will build the contract skeleton and code. The result will be a basic app you can build upon and add to your portfolio!

We answer every question within two business days. We want to hear from you. Watch the free lectures and amazing trailer, then jump right in and start participating with the Mammoth community.

  • No experience necessary.
  • Remix, a Solidity IDE. Free from Ethereum.
Mammoth Interactive
Mammoth Interactive
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John Bura
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