Lean Management For All Sectors (Dutch BKO Accredited)

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Increase profit and reduce costs, based on a method that has proven to be effective.
Increase your employability with the Lean Management certificate of completion.
Apply the 7 tools of quality.
Apply the 5S methodology to redesign the workplace.
Use Quality Function Deployment to (re)design your products and services.
Draw Value Stream Maps as a first step to get rid of inefficiency in your processes.
Identify and mitigate various forms of waste or inefficiencies.
Make a transition from push production to JIT/Pull production.
Perform research based on the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology.
Create Pareto charts with Excel to identify 'vital few' problems that are holding back your organization.
Draw Flow Charts to summarize processes.
Steer brainstorm processes with the fish bone or Ishikawa tool.
Apply the Poke Yoke principle to prevent mistakes by workers and customers.
Apply the SMED principle to facilitate speedy change in production.
Calculate takt time and cycle time to mitigate bottlenecks and improve process speed.
Apply the Andon principle to quickly identify process problems.
Apply the Heijunka or production leveling principle to be able to respond fast to customer demands.
Reduce the Lead Time of any process, thereby satisfying your client demands faster.
Set up basic experiments as part of Six Sigma DMAIC.
Apply Little's Law
Apply OEE (Overall equipment effectiveness) in manufacturing or services like IT sector
Improve supply chain
О курсе

Learn how to apply the Lean Management principles to make any organization stand out in terms of cost reduction. The principles apply to both manufacturing and service oriented organizations.

Master The Application Of Lean Principles To Skyrocket Efficiency.  

  • Apply 5S
  • Apply OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) 
  • Apply Little's Law
  • Apply Lean visuals
  • Apply the 7 Tools Of Quality
  • Draw Value Stream Map
  • Mitigate bottlenecks
  • Optimize cycle times
  • Use Excel to create Pareto charts
  • Draw and use the QFD House Of Quality
  • Move from Push to Pull production
  • Implement a Just In Time (JIT) production system
  • Apply production leveling (Heijunka)
  • Identify and mitigate 7 forms of waste
  • Apply Poka Yoke
  • Apply Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED)
  • Draw flow charts
  • Apply Jidoka principle
  • Improve supply chains

A Proven Internationally Valued Methodology At Your Disposal.

Lean Management, or Lean Manufacturing , or simply Lean, is a way of thinking and working which has proven to be successful at many fortune 500 companies. It is a proven method to substantially drive down costs. For decades, the demand for Lean professionals in very high as can be inferred from job vacancy websites.

We have set up our course so that it is easily accessible. By using ‘live digital writing and drawing’ we have tried to give you the feeling that the lecturer is sitting next to you and is providing you with private tutoring.

Course Content

This course starts out by explaining what Lean and Six Sigma are and how they are related. You will learn how to implement an efficient and responsive ‘pull production system.’ We will subsequently teach you how to identify and mitigate various non-value adding activities in your organization. This reduces your costs substantially and optimize your supply chain. Techniques to be discussed include Value Stream Mapping, Poka Yoke, SMED, 5S, Quality Function Deployment, Jidoka, Andon and Heijunka.   

At the end of this course, you will master Lean management skills. Browse the internet to see how many job vacancies require Lean knowledge as a prerequisite. The whole course is designed and taught by experienced university lecturers who teach in the Netherlands. The teaching style is designed to provide you with the experience of private tutoring.    

What are Lean and Six Sigma?
You will learn what the essence of lean and six sigma is. Furthermore, you will be presented a summary of a real six sigma project.
What is Lean? (Toyota Production System and Lead Time)
How to access our exercises?
Relationship between Lean and Six Sigma
Summary of a real Six Sigma (DMAIC) case
Quiz 1
Replacing push production
You will learn the difference between push and pull production. You will learn how to optimize cycle times in order to meet your takt time through the elimination of bottlenecks.
Replacing push production 1 (Heijunka, JIT, Jidoka, Pull Production)
Replacing push production 2 (Cycle time, takt time, bottlenecks)
Quiz 2
Quality function deployment
You will learn what the QFD methodology entails. Furthermore, you will learn how to construct and apply a so-called ‘house of quality’ in order to design or redesign a product or service.
Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
  • No prior experience required
- Six Sigma Academy Amsterdam -
- Six Sigma Academy Amsterdam -
BKO accredited university lecturers following ASQ guidelines
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