Курс Lead Guitar Lesson #7 - The Number System

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On this lesson I will talk about something more on the theory side of music, but it has a fundamental importance. I am going to reveal to you everything you need to know about the Number System. You will master the understanding of the Number System, and after that I will show you how I use this in real life. I will teach you how I apply this to my playing and how practical this is. So we are going to talk theory, yes, but having the practice as our final goal. So hang on, don’t skip this lesson, take courage and let’s get this down, once and for all.

  • Have basic understanding of Music
  • Play guitar
Что Вы изучите?
  • Music Number System
  • Understand how chords go together
Thomas V. Dekker
Thomas V. Dekker
Professional Guitarist, Music Producer, Music Instructor

Professional Musician, guitarist music producer and instructor, located in Vancouver, BC. 

I have more than 20 years of experience of teaching, and I've been playing on stage since I was thirteen years old. I've been playing guitar and making music for so long and doing it in so many different scenarios, that my experience gives my approach a very unique identity.

Born and raised in Brazil, where music is part of the day-by-day culture, I went to music university where I took a Music Producer program. Later on I moved to Canada where I took my Professional Program certificate. Course that usually takes four years to finish, but I did it in one. 

I was alway into music, at church, at rock and blues bands, as hired gun for a few other bands or just for a gig in studio. I always looked to learn more and more, with the best available where I was and with whatever I could afford.

I really think you will like my approach in my courses. They are to the point, easy to grasp and easy to apply.

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