Japanese in 14 Weeks with Scientific Memorization Method-

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Japanese is EASY! Please do not think that Japanese is difficult. 

Learning Japanese and becoming a confident communicator in Japanese will open up so many new opportunities.

 ( Noteworthy, the next summer Olympic Games, “Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics” will starts in Tokyo, Japan, on Friday, July 24th 2020! Definitely, it will be memorable event of the year for not only Japanese – for everyone in the world!)

However, it seems as many people are afraid to learn Japanese. 

The target of this course is for the students to learn 200 - 300 phrases and vocabulary terms which are commonly used in ordinary life in a period of 14 weeks (less than 100 days). 

You might be wondering "Is it possible?" for now.

My answer is that it is absolutely possible. All you will need is the Modern Scientific Memorization Method for speaking Japanese. I promise that you will be able to speak Japanese with this memorization approach.

This memorization method is simple, and easy to apply your study. Moreover, you do not prepare additional  tools or materials for following the method. You will watch friendly videos from online tutor Steve, helping you eliminate fear and embarrassment.

My course is designed to effectively teach you each lesson with the following methods and examples;

1) Basic conversational phrases 

2) To build vocabulary

3) To learn more words by supplemental material, and a quiz is available in each lesson. 

4) Examples of actual practical uses of the phrases learned in the previous lessons 

This course very much focuses on phrases and vocabularies that appear in everyday life in Japan.

After this course, you will be able to speak Japanese with more ease and feel more comfortable with the language! You will understand the Japanese culture even more!

Learning Japanese is たのしい!

I will look forward to seeing you in the course.

Week 0 Introduction and Course Instructions
Student will learn how to apply the scientific memorization method into his study and understand overall course contents.
Week 0: "In 14 Weeks, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SPEAK JAPANESE"Students will be introduced to the course and to what the "Scientific Memorization Method" is.
Week 0 : Japanese is an Easy Language
"Japanese is an Easy Language"Students will find 5 reasons why I say Japanese is Easy.
Week 0 Course Instruction
Students will learn course contents and how to apply the Scientific Memorization Method to his or her study. 
Week 1
Basic Conversation I, Vocabulary: Family Member, Numbers
Week 1 : Guidance
Syllabus for Week 1
Week 1: Phrase- Basic Conversation I
Phrases related to greetings such as How are you?
Week 1: Vocabulary Building - Family Member
Words related to Family members such as Mom, Dad, etc...
Week 1: Supplement -Numbers
Numbers from 0 to 100.
Quiz for Week 1 - Let's try to trigger your memory!
Week 2
Basic Conversation II, Vocabulary: Things I, Pronouns
Week 2 : Guidance
Syllabus for Week 2
  • No Japanese knowledge required - this works for all learners from beginner
  • Notebook
Что Вы изучите?
  • Adapt a very scientific memorization method, so once you learn it, it will be stored in your long-term memory.
  • Students who complete this course will be able to live or travel in Japan by speaking Japanese.
  • The lessons will teach the students Japanese phrases that are very pragmatic in ordinary life, therefore, will not be centered on grammar.
  • The program will teach 300 words and phrases that are necessary in daily life within 14 weeks.
  • You will master questions, statements, present and past tense
  • You will feel more confident about speaking Japanese.
Steve Tanaka
Steve Tanaka
Interpreter and Translator, Financial specialist

He grew up in Japan, and graduated from two universities; Keio University in Japan and University of California San Diego in the United States. 

For the past of 25 years, he had worked for a major global financial institutions in the United States, and he had responsible for customers in Asian regions, especially Japan. 

For the last 5 years, he has stayed in Japan, and established own finance company. He is also working as a professional translator while running his finance company. His biggest market is the United States, and has been dedicated to creating a bridge between the United States and Japan.

From his career, he has developed excellent communication skills in both Japanese and English, and he is recognized as the best person for understanding what the difficulty is in speaking Japanese for non native Japanese speakers.

Steve would like to introduce "Japanese language is fun" to the world. 

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