iOS 12 Interview Fastlane - Xcode10 Swift 4 App Developement

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A lot of companies during the interview process send a home project to test you knowledge. After this course you will learn how to pass them
Apply for junior iOS developer positions
Custom Image
Custom Button
Custom UIView
How to use Mock Data
Reusable Alerts
And many more...
О курсе

If you are planning to apply for a junior IOS position you are at the right place. I will teach you all you need to know to get your first job as an IOS developer !
Why I Created iOS 12 Interview Fastlane - Xcode10 Swift 4 App Developement

One year ago, I was in your position. I wanted to became an iOS developer. I remember every day I have learnt something new. When I finished at my workplace, I went to the library and started to learn swift. Luckily I have more than 5 years software developer experiennce, so after a few month of studying I could learn the basics and start builning  my iOS portfolio. So I deceided, I was ready to apply for a junior iOS developer position. Whenever I applid  for a position, almost every company sent me a home project, to test my programming skills.  Every home project was really similar. Download the data, then present it in a tableview or a collectionview. One year ago I would have been happy if this course had existed. In the beginning I did not know how to build a real iOS app. I had to google a lot, Search for the best practices. When I got my iOS job I decided that  I will create this course to help other people to pass  the home project interview phase.


This course is for you if you know the basic concept of the swift programming language. So I won't explain the basics. But if you are ready to apply for an junior iOS job, you should now the basics. So if you are a beginner please check this course out later when you already know the core principals.

Course Overview

  • In this course I will share with you as many tips and tricks as I can:
  • Naming convension
  • Layers
  • Download data with Alamofire
  • Download and caching image with SDWebImage
  • Learn how to create custom UIImage, UIButton, UIView
  • Create your own UIColor and Safari extensions
  • Learn how to create a well structured source code
  • How to use UIRefreshcontroller
  • How to use UINavigationSearchBar
  • How to check Internet reachability with alamofire
  • How to use UITableView Header
  • Reusable Alerts
  • Open a link in the Safari browser
  • And so on

Thank you! And I hope to see you in the course:)


  • Requires a computer running macOS Sierra or Mojave
  • You have a basic understanding of Object Oriented Programming
  • Have some experience in swift development
Velkei Miklós
Velkei Miklós
Mobile Developer
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