Курс Introduction to the Foundations of Herbalism

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Have you been wondering if it'd be right for you to invest in a certification in Herbalism? Have you been trying to decide what's the next area of study? Are you trying to further your education as a Nutritionist or Dietician? This course maybe for you! This course will provide you an introduction to the foundational aspects of Western Herbalism. Learn about; medicine making, medicinal action, and phytochemistry. Expand your knowledge or get started in the world of Herbalism! 

This course is designed to be an introductory level course.You will be gaining basic knowledge that you can use with yourself, I AM NOT recommending that you start practicing herbalism on anyone else after this course. We will not be diagnosing, treating, or curing any illnesses in this coursewe leave that up to the medical professionals and licensed practitioners. Even in your own use of herbs I am recommending you consult with a skilled/licensed practitioner before ingesting any herbal remedies. There are many herbal companies I will reference, as well who make products that are safe and have instruction guides on them. Safety is our #1 priority here. 

By agreeing to take this course you are stating that you understand that with any of these herbs certain risks are involved and that any complications, allergies, or side effects from known or unknown causes could occur. You are freely assuming these risks. You are stating that you understand that these services are not a substitute for medical treatment, examination, or medications, and that it is recommended that you will work concurrently with your primary caregiver for any conditions you may have. By agreeing to and taking this class you are agreeing to hold harmless Jade Sullivan.

Plant Anatomy and Evolution
Plant Anatomy and Evolution
Herbal Actions/Herbal PreperationsTerminology
Understanding actions herbs have in human body systems and medicine making techniques
  • Interest in plant medicine.
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  • Integrate herbalism into their own daily lifes.
  • Move into an accredited program to get certified
Jade Sullivan
Jade Sullivan
Certified Herbalist

In 2016 Jade enrolled in a Clinical Herbalism program at Denver School of Integrative Massage their herbalism program was a subsection of the massage school called Herbalism Roots. This program was a 500 hour Herbalism certification. Throughout the 12 month process Jade learned; plant identification, medicine making, pathophysiology, plant monographs, aromatherapy, topical application of plants, and pharmacological properties of plants. Jade spent many hours interning as part of this program, where she learned even more about medicinal herbs being used both internally and externally.

Since completing the Herbalism certification Jade has continued to grow in understanding and knowledge. In early 2017 Jade completed the Mini Med School program offered by Colorado State University. And in August 2018 will be returning to school at Huntington College of Health Sciences to complete a Bachelor's in Nutrition. 

You can follow her growth and studies on Instagram: @c.ovata

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Introduction to the Foundations of Herbalism