Introduction to Psychology | 心理学概论

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As the physical quality of life improves in our increasingly global and technologically focused world, it is particularly important to focus on psychology. In fact, psychology is one of the most popular subjects studied in universities by students across the globe, and there is an increasing interest in studying this fascinating - and constantly changing - field.

This course will cover a wide range of topics from the field of psychology to provide a comprehensive introduction to the subject. Course lessons will focus on consciousness, sensation, perception, learning, memory, thinking, emotion, evolution, motivation, personality, social psychology, and happiness. In every lesson, we use empirical studies of psychology and classical theoretical perspectives as examples, concluding the course with the relatively new perspective of positive psychology. In this course, you will gain an understanding of psychological modes of thought and master the basic methods of psychological research, while freeing yourself of psychological misconceptions and misunderstandings.


心理学概论 | Introduction to Psychology
Explore psychological research to understand basic theories and methods of scientific psychology with a strong focus on positive psychology. 本课程以心理学的经典理论和最新实证研究为蓝本,以积极心理学的视角,概览式地介绍科学心理学的基本理论、基本方法、研究领域和研究热点
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  • Key concepts in psychology
  • The basic methods of psychological research
  • Classical and contemporary theories of psychology
Kaiping Peng
Kaiping Peng
Head of the Psychology department Tsinghua University
Kaiping Peng is the head of the psychology department at Tsinghua University, and the chair of the Academic Committee of Social Science School in Tsinghua University, He is also a tenured faculty member at the Department of Psychology of the University of California at Berkeley. He is on the Executive Committee of the International Positive Psychology Association (since 2010), the Executive Chair of the China international Positive Psychology Conference (since 2009). He was previously a member of the American Psychological Association Leadership Council, the director of the department of Social and Personality Psychology of University of California at Berkeley, the co-president of the Fifth International Conference of Chinese Psychologists Worldwide, along with numerous other national and international professional academic services. Peng has published more than 140 journal articles and several monographs. He has received several important academic awards and has been the world’s most cited young and middle-aged social psychologist in 2007 by American Personality and Social Psychology Association social psychologist. In May 2008, He was appointed as the founding chair and dean of the Psychology Department of Tsinghua University. In 2009, he became an expert with the Recruitment Program of Global Experts.
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Introduction to Psychology | 心理学概论