Introduction to Psychological Research Methods

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Do we really only use 10% of our brain? How can we answer questions like this? We shouldn't just rely on our intuition, because unfortunately that can sometimes give us the incorrect answer.

In this psychology course, learn how psychological research is conducted, how to analyze the findings and results and effectively write a research report.

An understanding of psychological research methods allows us to test questions systematically and report the findings of our research so that others can critically evaluate the validity of our conclusions.

Introduction to Psychological Research Methods
Learn how to plan, conduct and analyze psychological research and effectively communicate the results.
Что Вы изучите?
  • The logic behind psychological research
  • Some common research designs and why we choose them
  • How to read and critically evaluate a research report
  • How to report the findings of research clearly
Blake McKimmie
Blake McKimmie
Associate Professor The University of Queensland
Blake won a Faculty Teaching Excellence Award in 2010 and a University of Queensland Teaching Excellence Award in 2016. He currently teaches a large introductory psychology course and a second year elective about psychology and law. His research focuses on jury decision-making including the influence of gender-based stereotypes and the influence of different modes of evidence presentation. He is also interested in group membership and attitude-behaviour relations and how group membership influences thinking about the self. He is a leading instructor of the award-winning course: CRIME101x and the PSYC1030x Introduction to Developmental, Social & Clinical Psychology XSeries Program of four courses on
Wen Wu
Wen Wu
Instructor The University of Queensland
Wen Wu graduated with her PhD from the School of Psychology at UQ. Her research examines the theory behind the development of expertise in everyday judgement and decision making. Wen was the winner of the faculty round of the 3MT in 2012, and the runner-up at the university round. She has coordinated the course "Judgement and Decision Making”.
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