Курс Introduction to Music Theory and J. S. Bach

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О курсе

*This is a course for beginners as well as intermediate music learners who want to build knowledge on music theory. *

The course materials include basic definitions, practices, and interesting facts and stories about music. We will also mention the great composer J. S. Bach, as we appreciate his famous works and his genius ideas related to mathematics. The practice questions may be a little bit difficult for beginners, but through practice, you will strengthen your skills and improve your music knowledge further.

I am your instructor, Freda Xiaoyun Yu. I have been playing the piano for 21 years (4 years of electronic piano, and 17 years for piano). I started my music theory classes when I was 3 years old, and I took that course in Tianjin Conservatory Of Music. Therefore, I definitely have something to say about music.

If you have questions about music theory or about this course, please use the Q&A function in this platform to contact with me.

~Best of luck & enjoy music with me~

Welcome and Introduction
Hi! I am very glad to see you here. This is an introduction video of this Intro to Music Theory course, and I hope to see you in next sessions. Cheers!
Music Theory: A First Look
Get a big picture of music theory.
Let's Get Into Music!
A first trial for you to understand music.
How Do You Record Music? - Museum tour
Joim me with this shor "museum tour" to see how different people record their music into written forms!
Beat, Meter, RhythmIn Your Nature
Try other popular songs or classical music etc. to identify their beat patterns (4, 3, or 2)!
Beat, Meter, Rhythm (Practice Questions)
Let's practice.
Quiz: Beat, Meter
  • There are basically no prerequisites, but if you know something about do re mi fa so la xi the scale, or if you sing often, or you just have an interest to have a look of music, then it would help!
  • Just enjoy music and play with it! :)
Что Вы изучите?
  • The interest to learn more and play with music;
  • A basic understanding of music theory;
  • About the famous composer J. S. Bach and his works;
  • Ability to read sheet music.
  • Beat, Meter, Rhythm.
  • Note value.
  • Staff.
  • Measure/bar.
  • Tempo.
  • Music theory practice questions.
Freda Xiaoyun Yu
Freda Xiaoyun Yu
Pianist, naturalist.

Warm regards to everyone. I am Freda Xiaoyun Yu. I have been practicing the piano for 21 years (started eletronic piano at the age of 4, and piano at the age of 8). I was trained singing in Tianjin Conservatory of Music when I was 3 years old, and I also started to learn music theory at the same year there. In Tianjin Nankai High School, I was in Chorus Class for 3 years.

I play the piano, cucurbit flute, ukulele, ocarina, electric piano, and I'm always ready to try new instruments.

I am an independent musician in Tencent QQ and 5sing website (China Original Music Base).

I am currently a student in the University of London Goldsmiths, and I also have study experiences in the University of Georgia. I major in computer science, and I have great interests in natural science & mathematics. I have been recording the vegetation and birds in places I have been to for many years.

Study/research interests: Music theory, J. S. Bach, Plant biology, phylogeny, all aspects of Mathematics, Ecology.

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