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О курсе

Welcome to my course "Introduction to Music Theory" where you will learn the basic fundaments that make up music. For years, I have been a skilled and experienced player of the piano. Self-motivated and determined, I have strived to expand my knowledge on the foundation of music through the enrollment of numerous music theory and piano courses. Consequently, I now feel confident that I possess a strong understanding of music theory. 

"Introduction to Music Theory" is a course that I feel really lays the foundation for any musician, at any skill level, to gain a better understanding and appreciation for the musical genre and industry. Throughout the entirety of the course, many topics will be touched upon. After enrolling in my course, I am confident that you, the student, will leave with a well-rounded and solid musical education that will prove to become imperative to your own musical career and journey.

Below is a short list of technical details:

  • 40 video lectures totaling 6 hours of content, following my step-by-step music theory curriculum.
  • 7 Quizzes to test your retention and knowledge.
  • A complete 67 question examination to tie in all the knowledge you will have absorbed towards the end of the course.
  • A custom and innovative PowerPoint presentation with original, high-quality illustrations to create a better sense of clarity and cohesiveness.

Some topics included in this course:

  • Notes and Values
  • The Clefs
  • The Circle of Fifths
  • Time Signatures
  • Basic Piano Skills
  • Major Scales
  • Minor Scales
  • Key Signatures
  • Accidentals
  • Major Intervals
  • Minor Intervals
  • Modes
  • Natural, Harmonic and Melodic Minors
  • Parallel and Relative Minors
  • Notations
  • Chords and Chord Progressions
  • Degree Scales
  • Chord Inversions
  • Seventh Chords
  • Seventh Chord Inversions
  • Nonharmonic Tones
  • Cadences
  • Chord Analysis
Section 1 Quiz
Take this quiz to review the material we covered in this section of the course.
Section 2 Quiz
Take this quiz to review the material we covered in this section of the course.
  • No prior skills are required.
  • A student should obtain a proper writing utensil.
  • A student should obtain a manuscript notebook or scrap staff paper to take notes for this course.
Что Вы изучите?
  • A greater understanding of the theory of music and the ability to apply their knowledge to their musical careers.
  • The ability to properly notate.
  • Time signatures.
  • Major and Minor Scales.
  • A greater music theory terminology.
  • Piano Basics.
  • The Circle of Fifths.
  • The Clefs.
  • Chords.
  • Chord Inverisons.
  • Seventh Chords and their Inverisons.
  • Nonharmonic Tones.
  • Cadences.
  • Chord Analysis.
  • And much more!
Brandon H
Brandon H
Student, Business Major, Piano Hobbyist, Entrepreneur

Brandon is a full-time college student who studies finance. In conjunction with his business studies, Brandon has also been a successful piano player/performer for the last six years. Self-motivated and determined, Brandon has always attempted to expand his knowledge and skills in the musical world due to his immense love of the piano. Following the completion of many music theory and piano classes throughout his musical ventures, Brandon now feels that he retains and captivates the knowledge necessary to truly understand and appreciate music both theoretically and practically.

Brandon's new and innovative "Introduction to Music Theory" course hopes to take that same knowledge and spread it to many prospective students who also hope to expand their knowledge on the fundamentals that compose music as a whole. With an intelligible and pragmatic format, Brandon feels confident in his ability to deliver a quality and cohesive musical education that will undoubtedly prepare any individual for the rigors of musical theory and its impact on one's musical journey.

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