Introduction to Inclusive Talent Acquisition

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How do you foster a company culture that supports a diverse workforce, including employees with disabilities?

Co-developed with Harvard Extension School, this course gives hiring managers and recruiters the tools they need to attract, interview and onboard a diverse team, including candidates with disabilities.

Why should you take this course?

  • It's quick - The course will take only 2-3 hours total to complete!
  • It's actionable - Each session includes concrete calls to action to implement at your organization
  • It's a networking opportunity - By signing up you'll join a community of like-minded professionals
  • Over3,000 people from 115 different countries have participated in the course so far

No previous experience required.

This course distills valuable lessons from leaders in inclusion, human resources professionals, and people with disabilities into four quick and engaging sessions.

Introduction to Inclusive Talent Acquisition
Inclusion is more than just a buzzword – it's a business strategy. Learn how to attract and support a diverse workforce.
Что Вы изучите?
  • How to identify potential barriers to employment
  • How to comfortably recruit, interview, and onboard candidates with disabilities
  • How to improve workplace accessibility and culture to support candidates with different abilities
Dave Power
Dave Power
President and CEO Perkins School for the Blind
Perkins’ mission and story is close to Dave’s heart. His son David, who is deafblind, graduated from Perkins in 2009. His diverse background includes roles as CEO, general manager and marketing executive at successful growth companies, including at Sun Microsystems, RSA Security, Novera Software and Mercator Software. He also led investments in emerging technology companies at Fidelity Ventures.
Julie DeLillo
Julie DeLillo
Director of Human Resources Perkins School for the Blind
Prior to coming to Perkins, Julie was the Director of Human Resources at Vinfen, a large nonprofit human services organization and the leading mental health provider in Massachusetts.
Oswald Mondejar
Oswald Mondejar
Senior Vice President of Mission and Advocacy Partners Continuing Care
Oswald, “Oz,” is internationally recognized for his expertise on accessibility, disability rights and workplace accommodation, serves on several non-profit boards and is an advisor to others.
Tim Dutterer
Tim Dutterer
Managing Director and Co-Head Parthenon-EY's Technology Practice
Tim is a Managing Director and Co-Head of Parthenon-EY's Technology Practice in San Francisco. He focuses on B2B software & services, consumer technology, and emerging consumer brands. Previously, Tim was a technology consultant at IBM and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
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Introduction to Inclusive Talent Acquisition