Introduction to Cloud Foundry and Cloud Native Software Architecture

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Does your team use Cloud Foundry to deploy applications? Or would you like to use Cloud Foundry, but haven't had time to learn the lingo? Then this course is just what you need! Cloud Foundry makes it simple for developers to deliver business value more quickly, without wasting time getting their app to the cloud it's already there.

This course is an introduction to Cloud Foundry, including distributions available to end users, an overview of the platform's components, and what it means to be Cloud Foundry certified. The course also includes technical instructions on how to use the command line interface, how applications are deployed, what services are within the context of the system and basic debugging practices.

Finally, the workshop will take you on a tour through what it means to build cloud-native applications architecturally and ideologically. In doing so, we'll review the 12-factor method of composing modern distributed web systems.

Introduction to Cloud Foundry and Cloud Native Software Architecture
A hands-on workshop to learn how to deploy and manage applications on Cloud Foundry. Grow from novice to knowledge-hound in your spare time!
Что Вы изучите?
  • Explore the runtime, security and network of Cloud Foundry.
  • How to build runtime and framework support with buildpacks.
  • Learn "The Twelve Factor app" design patterns for resiliency and scalability.
  • Get the steps needed to make your app "cloud-native".
  • Understand how each component of Cloud Foundry combine to provide a cloud-native platform.
  • Explore Services and Marketplace
  • Study techniques and examples for locating problems in distributed systems.
Norm Abramovitz
Norm Abramovitz
Technical Director Stark & Wayne
Norman Abramovitz is currently a Technical Director at Stark & Wayne. He has 49 years of experience in the computer science field doing mostly software development. Some of the projects he worked on are in the fields of secure networking, secure operating systems, relational databases, and medical instrumentation. He has developed software on mainframes all the way down to micro controllers. Over the last few years he has concentrated on the cloud computing world, and especially Cloud Foundry.
Tyler Bird
Tyler Bird
Cloud Architect Stark & Wayne
Over the last twenty years, Tyler Bird has been exploring better ways to make the web work. The first ten years of Tyler's career focused on building applications. The last ten have been on how those applications run on the cloud. He joined Stark & Wayne because he sees Cloud Foundry as setting a standard for the web: one that if application developers can write toward, it can get their ideas to market more easily than ever before.
Kevin Rutten
Kevin Rutten
Cloud Engineer Stark & Wayne
Kevin Rutten is an Electrical Engineering Technologist and Cloud Engineer in Canada. He has worked with everything from 8-bit microprocessors to setting up new Data Centers. He is currently working at Stark & Wayne,developing the tools to streamline the deployment and maintenance of BOSH and Cloud Foundry components. Kevin has worked with large companies on their deployment pipelines and backup solutions. Kevin also works on OSS projects such as SHIELD and Genesis.
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Introduction to Cloud Foundry and Cloud Native Software Architecture