Intro to Analyzing Rental Income Properties

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Jason Mora - 5 Stars

“I'm loving it so far. The content is top notch. The instruction is clear and concise. The pace is perfect and the extra resources are enormously helpful. Well done!”


Dimitris Provatas - 5 Stars

“Really enjoyed learning from Symon. Can't wait for more courses on real estate topics, especial financial modeling and evaluating investment proposals”


Eric Chaussé - 5 Stars

“Very practical!!!! Love the lesson plans and the step-by-step instructions.”


If you've EVER wanted to…


            •           Invest in a rental income property

            •           Do a fix & flip for profit

            •           Have professional investment analysis tools that you could use immediately to evaluate your own investment opportunities

…then this course is definitely for you.


If you’re still unsure, here are a few questions that I often get from prospective students:


I don't live in the US, is the material still useful for me?


Yes!  The examples I use are primarily US properties because the vast majority of my students are from the US. However, ALL of the concepts taught and tools provided are just as useful for any market around the world

In fact, I have students from over 190 countries who are using the tools and knowledge provided in this course to help them invest wherever they are located.

The only difference is that it's harder to gather the initial information in some markets and will require different tactics to get that data.


How is this different from your other courses?


This course only covers the foundational topics and only has two case studies with the fix & flip and the rental income property.

If you only intend to invest in fix & flips and rental income properties, this course has everything you need for investment analysis.


If you intend to invest with business partners, in apartments, in commercial, etcthen you should look into taking my other courses, which can be found at the bottom of this page.


What if I don't have any real estate background?


This is the perfect course to get your feet wet.  I'll cover all the important foundational topics for you and then show you how to apply those same concepts to evaluating a fix & flip as well as a rental income property.


I have some real estate background already, what could I learn from your course?


If you have some background, I'd recommend you check out my other more advanced courses.


I can learn all of this elsewhere, why should I learn from you?


No, you can't. Go Google how to use the waterfall structure and try to find someone that not only covers the waterfall framework in great detail but also gives you numerous examples on how it’s used. I've looked and it's not there.


The same goes for all the other material in this course. You can find the descriptions and commentary, but you won't find the detailed examples and the investment models that I give to you here. 


In theory you could do this on your own by searching all over the internet, buying tons of books, interviewing lots of experts, getting an MBA,  performing all your own research, getting a job in real estate private equity, and doing $400M+ in real estate deals and get the same level of knowledge I have.


OR….you could just take advantage of my experience. I've done everything I listed above and I put the best of what I learned into this course. Trust me, it’s worth it.


Can you make me rich by taking your course?

No way! Not just from taking the course, anyway. Anyone who promises you that is selling snake oil.


If you take my course AND apply what you’ve learned to make smarter investments in the future, then you have a chance at making some real profits.


What I can guarantee is that you will leave with some serious real estate investing knowledge, techniques, and tools. 


What else does this course cover besides real estate investing?


This course is ALL about and ONLY about professional real estate investment analysis concepts and techniques. Nothing else. But as you can see, just this topic alone requires I cover quite a bit already.


Actually, I do cover one more thing: I will also give you daily affirmations that help you build a "winning" mindset and I'll have lots of sales videos that push you to sign up for my top-secret real estate system for only 12 monthly low payments of just $999. Just kidding.


James Cochrane - 5 Stars

“Great class. You will learn a lot from this instructor and the subject material is good.”


Jerry Mastren - 5 Stars

“Easy to understand, step by step instructions.”

Glenn Levine - 5 Stars

“The instructor is very informative and is a real estate expert. I will definitely purchase more of his video tutorials in the future. GL”


What will I be able to do after I take your course?


After taking my course, you will be:


•           Able to confidently use professional real estate investment techniques.

•           Able to evaluate both fix & flips as well as rental income properties.

What WON'T I get from this course?


•           You will not get a Real Estate License from taking this course. You can only get licensed by taking the appropriate test with the testing agency of your state and country. But what is taught in this course has nothing to with getting a license, which focuses on how to legally transact real estate deals between buyers and sellers. This course is about investment analysis.

•           I will not be evaluating your personal investment deals for you for this course. This is about you learning how to do it on your own using the lessons and the tools here. If you really want me to consult, you can reach out to me. My hourly rate is $350/hr.

What’s holding you back?


Are you afraid this course won’t work?  I promise you it will.


Are you afraid this course will work and you’ll actually have to start investing? I think that’s a pretty good problem to have.


Are you afraid it will take time and effort? It will. Real estate isn’t an easy business, if it was everyone would do it. But if you put in the work I promise you’ll see results.


Best of all, there is absolutely ZERO risk. Udemy gives you a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure you get what you pay for.


So go ahead, sign up, and let's get to work.

I hope to see you inside,



How to Take This Course
WATCH THIS FIRST! How to use Udemy, download files, etc...
Overview of some useful Udemy features like speeding up lectures, bookmarking, downloading files, and how to to ask questions to the Q&A forum.
Please Be Fair
How to Take This Course
Before you dive right in, here are few quick notes on how to take the rest of the course depending on whether you're looking to speed through it or do a deep dive on the topics.
Learn to do market research and evaluate a rental income property right away!
Jumpstart Intro
A quick overview of how this Jumpstart section will work and what you'll get out of it!You can download this model for free here and follow along in the Jumpstart section. Try before you buy!
Jumpstart - Why Investment Analysis
Learn and understand the key reasons of why we do investment analysis and how it will help you become a better investor.You can download this model for free here and follow along in the Jumpstart section. Try before you buy!
Jumpstart - Market Research 1 of 2
Using the attached Excel model and listings, we do some quick market research on rental income properties. You can download this model for free here and follow along in the Jumpstart section. Try before you buy!
Zillow Alternatives
Jumpstart - Market Research 2 of 2
Demonstrating how to interpret the results from the quick market research exercise. 
Jumpstart - Evaluating a Rental Income Property with a BOE Model
Using the attached back of the envelope model, we evaluate a rental income property that you've just found.
What is Next?
Whoa, you've already learned how to evaluate a rental income property (at a high level).  Here's what to expect in the rest of the course.
  • Microsoft Excel 2013+
Что Вы изучите?
  • Understand key metrics for evaluating rental income properties
  • Confidently evaluate rental income property investment opportunities
  • Use professional-grade investment models to evaluate their own flip or rental deals
  • Understand the core concepts of real estate investing
  • Understand professional real estate investment strategies and techniques
  • Confidently evaluate fix & flip investment opportunities
Symon He
Symon He
Stanford MBA | Real Estate | Financial & Data Analysis

Hey, thank you for considering taking one of my courses.

I am a real estate and business consultant based out of Los Angeles CA.

I am the co-author of "Airbnb for Dummies", to be widely released by Wiley Publishing in August 2020, and the author of "Real Estate Investing QuickStart Guide", to be widely released by ClydeBank Media in July 2020.

I currently help private real estate investors with their acquisitions and deal structuring and advise startup entrepreneurs on their business models and financial forecasts.

Previously, I was head of marketing analytics at the Panda Restaurant Group after serving as a senior financial analyst supporting new store underwriting efforts. 

Before that, I was a global M&A manager for Ingram Micro, a Fortune 80 company. Prior to that, I worked on commercial real estate acquisitions at a private equity real estate fund, covering a wide range of asset classes across the western USA.

I am also a cofounder of LearnBNB, a boutique consultancy and education site specializing in short term rental investing and operations.

I received dual degrees in Computer Engineering (Magna Cum Laude) and Economics (Summa Cum Laude) from UC Irvine and an MBA from Stanford University.

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