Intermittent fasting-a healthy and powerful eating strategy

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Understand the mechanisms of how intermittent fasting works and why it has such enormous health benefits
Know how to effectively implement IF - to understand the different strategies and frequencies
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In this course we will take a close look at fasting and the evolutionary adaptations, humans and many other species have made to counter the effects of reduced calorie intake. 
We will also look at the history of fasting and some of the greatest minds who used fasting for health, energy and mental clarity. 

Our eating habits are exactly that - habits. 
What and how we eat is a behaviour - the same as many of the other behaviours we have that make us - US.

Many of our habits we are totally ok with - they don't invoke any feelings of guilt or anxiety. Some of our habits are truly beneficial and we should feel proud we have made them a habit

One of the trickiest habits or behaviours we own, relates to food. That's because our eating behaviour is shaped by so many emotions,desires and feelings both good and bad.
It is interesting that humans are pretty much the only animal on the planet that don't really know what we are meant to be eating. What is human food. A panda bear has no question that it's primary preferred food source is bamboo shoots. A lion or leopard knows that a zebra, gazelle or wildebeest are perfect food - we are not entirely sure if they actually have a preference. White sharks definitely fancy the taste of seals.
So why are humans so confused.
Well there are a couple of reasons. Firstly we are the great colonisers - there's hardly a space on the planet we haven't managed to colonise and survive - we had to adapt to whatever foods were available.

There are very few of us in the western world who have experienced what it is like to be truly hungry. And quite right - it is sad that any human beings in this day and age should have to experience hunger.

Having said that, we have, as a species over the course of evolution, experienced hunger, sometimes for extended periods.

What is amazing is that our bodies and minds have become stronger, more resilient, and even shown signs of increased cognitive brain function, boosted immune function and general overall health as a result of forced or voluntary calorie restriction for periods of time.

This course covers intermittent fasting - the history, the great minds who have fasted but mainly the amazing and scientifically proven benefits to our health and well being - from living longer, brain health, immune system health, inflammation, weight loss and or control - the list goes on.

The course will also go into how to do fasting - the best protocols and frequency.

You will be astounded by just how amazing you feel once you start.


By the end of this section you will have an appreciation of what will happen in this course
Welcome to the course .. a short intro
What you will learn on this course
This lecture goes through the structure of the course and what students can expect to have learned by te end of the course
A definition of Intermittent fasting
This lecture briefly describes what fasting is ... and what it is not.
The origins of fasting
The student will understand some of the historical background to fasting
the evolutionary significance of fasting
This lecture outlines the benefits of fasting in an evolutionary context. How going without food for short periods actually made us stronger. 
Famous minds who fasted
There are many great minds in history of our species, who have been active proponents of fasting, They have used it for cleansing, healing and mental clarity. They may not have known the science behind why it actually works but intuitively they felt the benefits. I will go through a few of them in this lecture.
Some useful basic physiological principles explained
In this section I will explain some basic physiological concepts and principles. These are useful because I will refer back to them when I explain the actual benefits of intermittent fasting.
In this lecture I will explore the concept of homoeostasis - this is natures way of keeping things in balance and can occur at many different levels, macro & micro. A natural variable like body temperature will fluctuate but kept in balance by a homeostat (like a thermostat) by sweating or shivering... an acceptable range of body temperature is maintained.
Our energy systems
This lecture explores our energy systems - it is useful to understand because when we deny our bodies food, it has to adapt and make alternative plans to survive.
What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. This is an important adaptive concept when it comes to intermittent fasting
In 2016 Yoshinori Ohsumi won the Nobel prize for Physiology and Medecine for his discovery of the mechanisms of autophagy. Autophagy and apoptosis are key mechanisms for cleaning out old and dysfunctional cells and is kicked i when intermittent fasting.
  • A basic interest in food and nutrition
  • A basic knowledge about human physiology - basic is fine.
  • There are some in depth sections on the science and physiological adaptations to Intermittent Fasting. Student should be comfortable with some of the technical aspects
Colin Holding
Colin Holding
Health and wellness coach, specialized in making life easier
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