Intermediate Mandarin Chinese (HSK3) Course A

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О курсе

Learn the vocabulary and grammatical constructs so you can communicate more specific and complex ideas in Mandarin Chinese, and pass the HSK 3 test (Chinese language proficiency test, level 3).

Required Textbook & Workbook

The textbook "HSK Standard Course 3" by Jiang Liping and the accompanying workbook

Following the standard curriculum as set forth by the official HSK 3, this online course will:

  • expand your vocabulary with HSK3 characters and words (e.g. 香蕉、相信、校长、热情)
  • help you with correct usage (e.g. compare 又 and 再, 就 and 才, 还是 and 或者, 刚 and 刚才)
  • clearly explain all 47 HSK3 grammar points to help you fulfill more advanced communicative functions
  • get you more proficient with reading and writing text in Chinese characters

Ace HSK3 Test!

The course is divided into 2 halves.  Lessons 1-10 is in Course A (this course), and lessons 11-20 is in Course B.  After you finish both courses, you will be well prepared to take the HSK3 test.

Familar with the content of this course
Getting started
Understanding course requirements
Completing activities with a language partner
Learning vocabulary using Quizlet
Lesson 1 - 周末你有什么打算
Warm-up 1: “我还没想好”
Vocabulary 1
Grammar 3.1.1 - Expressing “done” with “V好”
Review & Activity 1
Warm-up 2: “你怎么一点儿也不着急”
  • The textbook "HSK Standard Course 3" by Jiang Liping and the accompanying workbook
  • Preview our videos.If you can follow along, you're ready to take the lessons!
  • Your Chinese should be at the "intermediate level" (B1/HSK 3).If you took the HSK level 2 exam you should at least get 60%.
  • Knowledge of Chinese characters is a huge plus.But if you struggle with characters, don't worry.By the end of the course you will know the 300 characters necessary to pass the HSK3 exam.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Read and write 600 Chinese words (also 600 unique Chinese characters) as specified in the HSK1-3 curriculum
  • Use more advanced grammatical constructs to communicate more specific and complex ideas in Chinese, both verbally and in writing
  • Ace the HSK 3 test
Chinese Zero to Hero
Chinese Zero to Hero
Complete Courses from Beginning to Mastery

We are a team of instructors dedicated to provide the highest quality of online Mandarin Chinese learning experience.  We believe that a communicative approach to language learning, coupled with extensive reading and writing, putting to practical use of what you learn.  Our aim is to release a series of courses that takes the learner from the very beginning stage to a very advanced level, following the HSK curriculum.

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Intermediate Mandarin Chinese (HSK3) Course A