Instructional Design for Corporate Learning and Development

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"Jacqueline has consistently encouraged and motivated all students through her natural warmth, charisma and incorporation of specific material and scenarios". - Tino P. (Treuen, DE)

If you have been tasked with organising or providing in-house training for your colleagues, then this course is for you. Or perhaps you're an HR professional needing to brush up your instructional design skills? Come on in.

This powerful course skilfully weaves adult learning principles and theories with practical strategies for designing and delivering competency-based training programs, and puts the latest trends and techniques at your fingertips. It also includes a wealth of resources for you to download and customise.

This course will show you how to become a navigator, a facilitator of learning, not simply a presenter of information PLUS provide you with customisable templates which you can adapt to your workplace. In addition, this course includes interviews with experienced training professional across a range of industries, each providing insights to better inform you and your work.

You'll build confidence, improve your training techniques, engage your audience from the beginning, leave your trainees praising your training abilities. and win more training contracts.

What tyre you waiting for? Enrol now and let's get cracking!

"(She) consistently demonstrated awareness of what clients needed as individuals and what would benefit their organisation." - D.L. (Zwickau, DE)

Course Housekeeping and Introductions
You are given an overview of this best-practice training program, and by the end will have an understanding of where we are going, what we'll learn and why.
Introduction to the Course and Your Trainer... And a Question For You
Welcome, and congratulations on taking the leap and committing to this course, which is based on the key competencies contained within Australia's accredited Certificate IV trainer course (TAE40110). As an accredited trainer and assessor (achieved through the Australian Institute of Management) - a qualification which came after eight years of designing and delivering business skills and effective English communication training in Germany - I identified a gap between generalist certificate courses such as the TESOL and specialised training courses, such as the TAE40110. This was my inspiration to compile this course. 

Training adults is challenging but so incredibly rewarding, whichever field of expertise you're in. My field is language and business (frontline management) skills, though the principles contained in this course are naturally applicable across all fields. It's my absolute pleasure to share not only my passion with you but also some fascinating theory and real-life examples, all of which will set you in good stead as you start your journey as a trainer. 
I've carefully crafted this course so that as you wend your way through the lectures you're constantly building theory on practice, ideas, and their application. I strongly encourage you to engage in dialogue with your fellow course mates and to participate in online discussions with me in the scheduled times. I am here to help you become the best trainer you can be!
Note: This lecture was added on 19 August 2016 and is the first of a number of additions and lecture updates for this course.  
Pre-Course Quiz
It's not about what you know and what you don't know... it's about what you don't know yet.Take this quick quiz for a sampler of what's to come in Section Two!
Course Templates - everything you need for the upcoming lectures!

This lecture contains all templates referred to in this course.It's your one-stop-shop for customisable templates.

How to contact me
This lecture simply outlines how students can contact me for questions, problems, ideas and more!I'm here for you, so don't hesitate to get in touch!
A Framework for Designing and Delivering Training Programs
Explaining the "Think Systems" Framework ©
This lecture examines the over-arching framework of this course, and explains its uniqueness and importance in the design and delivery of effective training sessions.

Transcript of Audio:This course is based on Australia's Certificate IV Training and Assessment (TAE40110) program, of which I am an accredited and experienced instructor. Core units of competency and elements of competency have been adapted for the Udemy platform.
The framework for this Train the Trainer course is one I grew up with as a child, once which has numerous applications, and is perfectly suited to our work as trainers:
"Think Systems Framework" ©Think SystemsLocate PowerLiberate EnergyKnow YourselfKnow Your EnemyNever Walk Alone
This was written by my dad, Chris O'Connell, management consultant, regional development consultant, revolutionary, good man and inspirational father. The framework was created as six rules for an organiser working to change communities and institutions. I grew up with this on the wall of all the houses we lived in, one of the few constants of my life (along with my siblings, parents, teddy bear Franca and the imposing portraits of Lenin, Marx and Engels).
Naturally I never understood it as a child, just as I never understood that Karl Marx wasn't going to leap out of the frame and yell at me for not tidying my room, no matter how scary he looked while scowling through his beard. I grew out of my fear of Marx as I grew into a deeper understanding of my Dad's words.
Although he wrote them for an entirely different purpose, I've found myself here in Germany, so far from home, looking at these words which I brought with me and put on the wall of my home offie, pondering them, allowing them to dance in my consciousness and subconsciousness until I realised that they are, in fact, the framework for my life, my business and my success.
And they are the perfect framework with which to understand our work as trainers, under which we can operate and through which we can design and deliver our training programs.
Let me show you how.Think Systems : here we think of our structured design, the benchmarks to which we adhere, quality, focus, feedback and reporting mechanisms, links to certification, the application of best practice. Without understanding the systems under which we operate our training design will flounder. We examine this in greater detail in the following Section.
Locate Power : at this stage we assess learning needs, styles and preferences; clarify goals and motivation; be the best trainer for the job and step aside if it's not you; locate, nurture and release power; identify what knowledge, skills or resources are you going to need to assist you to reach your goal. We examine this step in greater detail in the third Section of this course.
Liberate Energy : tap into your students' potential; motivate and encourage; provide opportunities for constructive feedback; ensure program design stage and delivery stay on track; adjust pace appropriately; invite 360 feedback; maintain relevancy; primacy and recency (see Mnemonics lectures); provide sufficient opportunities to practice; customise; tap into mental and physical energy; enable teamwork and cooperation. We examine this step in greater detail in the fourth Section of this course.
Know Yourself : in this context, I mean who are you as a trainer? (what is your positioning in the marketplace of trainers? You control this); what are your traits? your strengths and weaknesses?; where do you draw inspiration from?; how can you market yourself?; focus on (your) continuous improvement; identify your personal teaching style (no two trainers are the same); what is your “character"; what can you realistically achieve?; when do you need to ask for help? We examine this step in greater detail in the fifth Section of this course.
Know Your Enemy : it sounds pretty grim, but it's not. We take a broader interpretation of the word, "enemy" - procrastination; anxiety; overload; over-commitment; not admitting when you don't know something; address knowledge gap; beware of inflexibility; what external sources have a negative influence; beware of over-stretch; manage time; manage distance. We examine this step in greater detail in the sixth Section of this course.
Never Walk Alone : no, this isn't a step about the great Gerry and the Pacemakers song, rather a focus on building and maintaining networks and relationships with fellow trainers (for example, through this course) - the benefits of such networks, and how to go about building them. This step is also about building a professional team within your organisation. We examine this in the penultimate Section of this course.
The strength of this framework lies in its simplicity and flexibility. Each step is examined in detail through this course - applied to the TAE40110 elements and sub-elements of competency - and both theoretical knowledge and practical application are included, along with resources and customisable templates. It has been used across borders, industries and languages for almost 50 years, providing a framework for change.
And now your time for change begins. Let's go.
Please note that the Chris O'Connell "Think Systems Framework"© is copyright, all rights reserved and used here with explicit permission. If you wish to reproduce any aspect of the Chris O'Connell "Think Systems Framework"© please contact me with specifics of the intended use.
What do we mean by "systems"?

This lecture provides an introduction to the section, in particular the concept "Think Systems", from which the following lessons stem.

Working in Vocational Education and Training
We use the Australian VET system as our benchmark in this section, but not as the "be all and end all" - we apply its principles to your training context, focusing on training context.
About the VET Framework
Training Packages and Qualifications
Units of Competency
  • some experience of adult training is preferable for this course
Что Вы изучите?
  • in this course you will learn adult learning principles and theories which are critical in the design of quality training programs which support recognised competency standards
  • understand learner needs and examine learning options
  • support and monitor learning
  • plan group-based and individual learning programs
Jacqueline Seidel
Jacqueline Seidel
Managing Director, Training Specialist


I offer two distinct types of courses: for instructional designers and ESL professionals, and for English learners.

For Instructional Designers and ESL Professionals - I want to show you how to build a successful career as a trainer by helping you focus on both the profession and the possibilities generated by implementing instructional design principles and observing best practice business management. 

Why? Because I love being a successful business owner, I love being a trainer. And I want to share this passion and enthusiasm with you, help you solve training problems and build a successful career.

For English Learners - capitalise on my 11 years’ experience training business professionals in effective communication skills, and find out why my clients keep coming back for more!

So, who am I? I'm an Australian business skills and language trainer based in Germany since early 2006, and my professional background is originally in the Australian private and public sectors. I combine this business and policy background with a passion for providing interesting, engaging and enjoyable training programs.

Through my company, O'Connell Advanced Training Solutions, I provide advanced coaching and development in more effective business English communication, delivered through competency-based, customised, individual or small group training programs.

My clients include multi-national corporations, medium-sized enterprises and individuals.

I look forward to seeing you in my courses and to helping you be the best trainer you can be. 

You can contact me for workshops or customised face-to-face training solutions.


Seit 2006 arbeite ich als freiberuflicher Sprachtrainer in Deutschland. Mit meinem Unternehmen O’Connell Advanced Training Solutions arbeite ich für Privat-Personen sowie Studenten  aus verschiedensten Unternehmen und Industriezweigen, um Englisch-Kenntnisse effektiv zu verbessern und interkulturelle Besonderheiten zu vermitteln.

Der Fokus meines Trainings liegt auf kompetentem, individualisiertem Unterricht mit starker Erfolgsorientierung. Praxisnähe, moderne Lehrmethoden und engagierter und unterhaltsamer Unterricht machen das Lernen bei mir einfacher und schneller.

Je nach Situation kann der Unterricht für Einzel-Personen oder kleine Gruppen, als persönliches Training oder als Online-Lesson organisiert werden.

Gerne helfe ich Dir, Dein Englisch zu verbessern! Kontaktiere mich einfach, und gemeinsam finden wir den besten Weg zum “Englisch-Profi”.

O'Connell Advanced Training Solutions
O'Connell Advanced Training Solutions

We've been providing customised training solutions to SMEs and multinationals since 2006, and our reputation as effective, engaging trainers continues to grow.

"We have used Jacqui on several occasions for the language training and education of our employees and we will also involve her in the future. Jacqui offers a very pleasant teaching style and through this, our employees quickly achieved their learning goals." T. Pietzsch, Geschäftsführer, GETT Gerätetechnik GmbH

O'Connell Advanced Training Solutions is your partner for capacity strengthening  training programs.

Offline, we provide advanced coaching and development in effective Business English communication for small and medium enterprises in Germany, delivered through competency-based, customised, individual or small group training programs.

Online, we broaden our training offers to include specific offers for managers, human resource professionals and corporate trainers.

Both online and offline, we provide personalised, business-relevant solutions which are high-touch, confidential, flexible and friendly.

- Jacqueline Seidel, Managing Director

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