Instantly Rock A 60s Hit With Your Guitar: Happy Together

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At the end of our hour together, you will be able to sing and play Happy Together, by the Turtles. You will be able to do the song on your own! Also, you will be able to play your original songs with more of a sense of the way a beloved hit song is played.
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I will show you how to Instantly play and sing this very cool 60s song. We will go over the simplest and easiest ways to learn and play Happy Together, by The Turtles. We will very carefully go over all of the chords, notes and lyrics of the song. In under an hour, you will be very good at this number. So Much Fun.

Hello and Welcome. Now it's time to grab your favorite beverage, and get some time and space to practice in.This is when we get into the musical mindset.Get ready to smile from the inside out!
Tiger Claw Lesson
In this bit, we figure out just how to position our fretting hand. This is the hand positioning we keep throughout the song. It's a variation of a barre chord I call Tiger Claw. If you master it, you can become a rock ninja.
Happy Together Lesson #1
In this lesson, we practice the beginning part of the song.Now is the time when you must tune your guitar. If you don't know how to tune your guitar... 1. Go to Google 2. Search "Free Guitar Tuner" 3. Open the tuner 4. Match each string to it's corresponding tone on the tuner 5. Make sure all your strings are in tune. This part of the song is what we call a "walk down". The walking down from F# to E is something we go over at length. Next we conquer the full step in the walk down, and finally the half step.
Happy Together Lesson #2
In this section, we start to hone in on lyrics and the vocal part in general. We also focus on playing and singing the verse parts together.This is also when we focus on the transition between the first part, or verse, and the second part, or chorus.
Happy Together Lesson #3
In Lesson Three, of Happy Together, we practice bursting into the chorus. Here we go over the belting required, and the chords that go with.We really drill performing the guitar and vocal parts, in this one.
Happy Together Lesson #4
In this section, we figure out how to the end the song. We go from the "bop bop" chorus all the way until the end of the song.Now is the time for you to find your favorite recording of the song and practice along, singing and playing, ten times in a row. You will have it for sure, then!
  • All you need is a guitar and an hour for focus on fun.
J. Samuel Douglas
J. Samuel Douglas
Musician at Udemy
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