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Record and edit audio in Audacity
Remove background noise
Remove breaths and mistakes
Make edits quickly with keyboard shortcuts
Enhance their audio with Normalization and Compression
Troubleshoot problems when setting up equipment
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Never worry about poor audio again! Learn how to cut mistakes and remove background noise from your voiceovers or audio recordings using a 100% free software called Audacity!

Audacity is a powerful program. But, if you're just recording a voiceover, you don't need to learn a lot of the technical mumbo jumbo. In this course, we'll go over just the essentials that you'll need to create clear audio.


Not a problem! I've included a sample project called "Maximus The Cat" that you can follow along with as I clean and enhance it right in front of you!


That's fine, too! Like I said, we'll go over just what you need to know. We also go over some troubleshooting tips for Windows users! I explain all of the terminology that you might need to know as they come up, so that you never feel overwhelmed!

You could have recorded your voiceover through your phone, a headset, or from your webcam. The process will work for all of them. Our feline friend is waiting, so let's get started!

What is Audacity and Why You Need It
What is Audacity?
Free audio recording software. Available for WIndows, Macs, and LinuxImportant Voiceover Tips:
Record your voiceover before you start working on your video! It'll keep the pacing smooth and makes your video look and sound more professional.
Install Audacity, How to Import Videos, and Export to MP3
To get started, we have to install the program first! We'll go over the three files that you need to download (and where to get them). They'll let us import video files directly into Audacity so that we can edit their audio and export our finished projects as MP3 files!
Recording Your Audio (and Troubleshooting Problems)

This lecture will clear up a bunch of questions you may have about the right recording settings to use for your voiceovers!

We'll also go over how to fix any recording problems you may run into while you set up the program! (WIndows only)

Finally, we'll record the "Maximus the Cat" sample file that we'll use throughout the rest of this course!

NOTES: Installation and Recording Section
Lecture notes for:
  • What is Audacity and Why You Need It
  • Install Audacity, How to Import Videos, and Export to MP3
  • Recording Your Audio (and Troubleshooting Problems)

Using the Noise Removal Effect

The Noise Removal effect is the first step to creating an amazing voiceover! It takes only a couple of seconds to do and you'll see an instant improvement!

Setting up Keyboard Shortcuts (To Speed up Editing)

Editing out breaths and mistakes is actually the longest part of this process. In this video, we'll create a couple of Keyboard Shortcuts that will save you so much time editing your audio!

Cleaning the Audio (Removing Breaths, Mistakes, and Silences)

Now that we have our shortcuts set up, it's time to edit the audio! We'll edit out the breaths and mistakes from the "Maximus the Cat" sample file and get it nice and clean!

Finishing Touches - Normalize and Compress Your Audio

As a finishing touch, we'll run normalization and compression on our audio track to balance it out and make sure that it's not too loud or soft!

  • Audacity (Free, Windows, Mac, Linux) - We'll go over how to Install it in the course!
  • Recording Device (Headset, Microphone, etc.)
  • Internet Connection (to download the program)
Luke Yoshida
Luke Yoshida
Video Creation Instructor
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