IELTS Speaking - Improve your Language for Bands 7.0+

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IELTS Speaking - Improve your language for Bands 7.0+


This IELTS Speaking course by a former IELTS examiner and a native speaker of English will help you prepare for the IELTS Speaking exam for both General and Academic by teaching you complex words and phrases. Even good speakers of English often fail to get high band scores because they are not using the language the IELTS examiner needs to hear to give you a high band score.

This course teaches you complex lexical resource and useful grammatical structures that are essential for getting a high band score in the IELTS Speaking exam. As a former IELTS essential examiner, based on my experience, these are the areas that you need to focus on to get a high band score.

This course includes:

  • The Essentials section with 50-page downloadable PDF that covers lexical resource, grammatical range and phrases for structuring your answers
  • A huge selection of Part 1 and 2 videos that will help to expand your lexical resource
  • Over 30 hours of video lessons
  • Downloadable resources
  • Lots of quizzes


  • Please note not all current Part 1, 2 and 3 topics are included, as the course would be hundreds of hours long, but you will be able to study lots of topics to give you a range of vocabulary to use. Some topics are very similar to other topics so although it may not look like there is a video for 'Describe a Party', there is a video for 'Describe a time visitors came to your home', which describes a party so you can use the ideas and vocabulary for the 'Describe a Party' topic as well.
  • Memorising model answers is not the best way to get a high band score - you need to improve your grammar and vocabulary so that you can use complex language and grammar. IELTS examiners will penalise memorised answers.
  • This is an online course and we are unable to offer one-to-one speaking practice as part of the course.
  • What students have said about this course:

    "I'd 100% recommend this course based on my own IELTS exam experience. The first trial of my IELTS exam, I got a 9(L), 9(R), 8.5(W), and 6(S). I was so embarrassed because I've been living in the US for 7 years. Maybe I was overconfident so I actually didn't prepare anything. However, after I took this course, I suddenly realized what my problem was. The key element for IELTS speaking test is: It doesn't matter whether you are a native speaker or vice versa, when you are in IELTS speaking test, there are always something the examiners are expecting you to say. Only if you could say them, you'd get the better score. For my second test, my speaking was 8. I believe I'd do it better if I could practice more, but 8 is enough for me. Finally, I want to express my great gratitude to the instructor. She does know IELTS exam, and she definitely can help you. Take this course, practice more, and I believe you will get the score you want." (Yanlai)

    "Thank you ever so much for this unbelievable course. I have gone through it many times and I understand how every word was chosen carefully to impress the IELTS examiner.   Thank you so much." (Maher)

    "I am so impressed with this course. Thank you so much for creating it." (Arya)

    "This is the most detailed IELTS course out there." (JK)

    Course Introduction
    Watch this video to find out the best way to complete this course.
    Part 1 - Hometown
    In IELTS Speaking Part 1, you will be asked about your hometown or the town or city that you are living in at the moment. It is important, therefore, to know lots of complex vocabulary to talk about this topic. In this lesson, you will learn lots of useful words and phrases that will impress the IELTS examiner.
    Hometown - Quiz
    Now, complete the quiz.
    Part 1 - Shoes
    In this video, you will see how you can answer some Part 1 questions on shoes. 
    Part 1 - Perfume/aftershave
    In this video, you will learn some useful vocabulary for talking about this topic.
    Part 2 and 3 - Person you wanted to be similar to
    In this video, you will learn useful language for this topic and other describing people topics.
    Useful Discourse Marker - Mind You
    In this video, you will see how the phrase 'mind you' can be used in the IELTS Speaking test.
    IELTS Speaking Guide - Part 1
    In this video, you willlearn about the IELTS Speaking Guide forPart 1 and why it is important for home town, work or study.
    Part 3 - Useful phrases for Part 3 answers - Video 1
    In this video, you will learn three useful phrases that can be used at the start of many Part 3 answers.
    Part 3 - Ways of Saying 'I don't know'
    In Part 3, the questions can be quite tricky and sometimes you wouldn't even know what to say in your own language. Rather than saying 'I don't know', here are some other more complex ways of saying it.
    Part 3 - Talking about advantages/disadvantages
    In Part 3, you often need to talk about the advantages/disadvantages of something. Here are some words/phrases to use instead of repeating advantages/disadvantages.
    • A good level of English IELTS 5.0 or above
    • Commitment and focus to complete the course
    • If you can print off the model answers before watching the videos, that would be useful
    Что Вы изучите?
    • Learn complex language to help you achieve Band 7+
    • Learn complex grammatical phrases to help you achieve Band 7+
    • Ideas for answering many current Part 1 and Part 2 speaking topics
    • Please watch the preview videos before buying so you know exactly what you are getting
    Prepare for IELTS
    Prepare for IELTS
    IELTS Specialists and Former IELTS Examiners

    At Prepare for IELTS all our instructors have over 15 years' experience preparing students for the General and Academic IELTS exam. We are native English speakers and former IELTS examiners so are able to show you exactly what IELTS examiners are looking for. We have successfully prepared thousands of students for entry to top universities in the UK.

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