Курс How To Use Garageband (macOS) The Complete Guide

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This course is perfect for anyone who wants to get into music production but doesn't know where to start. It will also be of great help to current macOS Garagaband users wanting to fill in gaps in their knowledge or to discover the full potential of what can be achieved with the software.

If you feel there is music in you that needs to be expressed, Garagband is the perfect tool to make your dream a reality. Learn everything you need to know to head a massive head start in one of the most exciting and ever changing fields that is digital music production.

Welcome to the course
An introduction to what you will be learning in this course as well as some background information about the history of Garageband and where it sits in the landscape of music production software.
Exploring the different workspaces
An overview of the different workspaces within Garageband and their functions in the music creation process.
Track Types
In this lecture you will learn about the 3 main track types and how they are used.
Project Templates
There are a number of templates you can select when creating a new track, this lecture will explore each one.
Setting up your hardware
Learn how to correctly set up your audio interface for use with Garageband and which settings are optimal for recording.
The Library
Learn how to select virtual instruments from the library, load them onto a track and find presets for recording audio.
The Smart Controls
Discover the smart controls where you can edit the settings of virtual instruments, load new plugins and alter existing effects on MIDIand audio tracks.
The Editor
An introduction to the editor where you can edit your MIDI/audio performances, add global effects and much more.
The Loop and Media Browser
Learn about the loop and media browser where you can make use of the free loops provided by Apple and also import your own samples.
Creating a drum track
Learn how to create a drum track from scratch using the in-build drummer feature. Select from a range of styles such as rock, pop, hip hop and electronic dance music.
  • Own or have access to a Mac computer
  • Have an interest in music creation
Что Вы изучите?
  • Music production in GarageBand for macOS
  • How to record bass, electric guitar, vocals and keyboard into Garageband
  • How to create a music track from start to finish
  • How to master your music track and export at commercial quality and loudness for upload to digital streaming services
Nat Pike
Nat Pike
Recording Studio Engineer and Electronic Music Producer

Nat Pike is a certified sound production trainer and holds a Bachelors degree in Music (Sonic Arts). He has enjoyed working professionally as an electronic music producer and recording studio engineer for the past 15 years.

Nat's musical productions have been used in many films, television shows and radio commercials with clients such as the Discovery Channel, Channel 7 (Aust.) and Haiku Games. He also has a number of instrumental electronic music tracks signed to the UK record label Future Pop a subsidiary of Sony BMG.

Nat is currently an in house engineer at Salt Studios, Melbourne - Australia and teaches sound production and music business at The College of Sound and Music Production (COSAMP).

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