Курс How to read and understand diet and health research?

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Every day, people all over the world are deluged with information about diet, health and medicine. The problem is that most of it is incorrect. The medical journals are filled with studies plagued with conflicts of interest, poor study design, and meaningless conclusions. This is made worse by misreporting by the media. But there is good and accurate information available too and the secret is to learn how to tell difference. Dr. Pam Popper Ph.D author of Food Over Medicine and featured in the NETFLIX popular documentaries Food Choices and Forks Over Knives, will show you how to become an empowered and enlightened consumer of research, be able to discern the reliable from the unreliable and how to apply this information to your own daily life. 

How read and understand diet and health research?
Learn how to discern facts from fiction about nutrition and health
  • You should be able to use a PC or Mac at a basic beginner level
Что Вы изучите?
  • Feel empowered with tips and information of how to understand diet and health research
  • Discern facts from fiction when it comes to diet and health topics
  • Feel more confident discussing diet and health related topics with others
  • Understand how the media and medical establishment produces misinformation
Michal Siewierski
Michal Siewierski
Filmmaker and Director

Michal Siewierski is a Filmmaker, health coach and co-founder of the Food Choices Academy as well as the director of the NETFLIX globally acclaimed documentary, Food Choices. Michal has been involved in researching, studying and creating films and courses related to plant based lifestyle and nutrition for several years. Michal Siewierski is also known as a world class TV producer, director and documentary filmmaker. Michal has received multiple Emmy Award nominations and won several Telly Awards. Michal has over 15 years of experience in the field and hundreds of TV commercials, TV shows and corporate videos to his credit. His productions have played on several stations throughout the United States as well as South and Central America.

Pam Popper
Pam Popper
Naturopathic doctor and PhD in nutrition

Dr. Pam Popper is an internationally known expert on diet, health and nutrition. She’s appeared in numerous documentaries including the critically acclaimed Food Choices, Forks Over Knives; has a weekly spot on the award-winning PBS show Jazzy Vegetarian; and is a New York Times bestselling author. Her most recent book is Food Over Medicine. 
Dr. Popper is also the founder of The Wellness Forum, one of the most successful companies in the health field worldwide. She and her staff have helped hundreds of thousands of people to achieve or regain their health. If you’d like to be leaner, fitter, and healthier; to look better, feel better; and prevent, stop, or reverse disease, her programs are for you.

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